Convention Memories, Cartoons, Norman Reedus and Bonding Over Boba Fett

SDCC 2011

Believe it or not, we’re already gearing up for convention season. Wondercon is less than a couple of weeks away but we are already planning (fretting over?) San Diego Comic-con in July. No worries — we’ve got a kick ass hotel room locked down for this year and our press passes are secured so the Defective ladies will be representing yet again at the biggest west coast nerdfest of the year. I decided to go through some photos and scrounge up some memories to share with the readers today from the many cons I’ve managed to attend in the past years. Read more below for some of these random memories.


That one year at SDCC 2008 when there was a Tiny Toons/Freakazoid reunion. I’ve been known to bawl like a weird person when I meet people from my childhood cartoons. Thankfully, it did not happen this time like when I cried in front of voice actor, Jeff Bennett. It scared him forever.

This panel consisted of amazing people like Paul Rugg, who is also best known for creating and voicing Freakazoid. I am going to assume you all know who Paul Dini is . . . if you don’t, what’s the matter with ya?! I don’t remember much from the panel or what I said to them during the autograph signing on the convention floor. I just remember feeling super giddy and excited because the Warner Bros. cartoons were a huge part of me when I was growing up. These guys are and always will be my heroes.

Anime Expo 2009

Anime Expo 2008 may have been the last time I spent a considerable amount of time at an anime convention, but Fortune Cookie in her Chun Li cosplay remains my favorite from all her costumes. The best Chun Li out there, no question! But I also really  love these photos of her with Man-Chun-Li.

Anime Expo 2009

Meeting Ted Raimi!

Getting to take a photo with Ted Raimi during Wizard World Anaheim in 2010 was kind of (insert overused trendy word here) epic.

Wizard World Anaheim 2010

And then getting this free Earthworm Jim sketch from creator, Doug TenNapel. It’s definitely one of my precious collectors items.

SPN, LA Con 2011

Ever wondered where the image for our podcast art came from? Supernatural LA Con in 2011, I coerced (aka, forced) Gizzy B into wearing my kigurumis to take a group photo with the cast members. Now, it’s our most iconic photo together. Fitting, right? That convention was a lot of fun too but not as great as when we went to the same convention but in Vancouver, Canada. Now that was a lot of fun. No convention has had our fangirl heart palpitating faster since then. Looking at ‘The Boys’ — Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki — in real life is always a very surreal moment. How could two men be so shockingly good looking in television AND in person?! Life is both amazing and not fair. . .

Geek Girl Con 2011

I’ll keep raving on and on about it but Geek Girl Con at its first year in 2011 is still my favorite convention of all time. The atmosphere at that convention was so unique and it just made me so happy. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling? That is the kind of feeling this con will give you. My favorite part was sitting down at our hotel’s hallway and offering people beer until we finally made new friends — one of them happens to be Megan Finley from Offbeat Brides. This was the most open convention I’ve ever been to with panels I actually truly cared about. Though I have to admit I spent a lot of time sitting inside the Exhibit Hall at my friend’s booth just talking to all the interesting attendees that stopped by. Everyone that I talked to were a lot of fun and interesting . . . plus, I sold a lot of our now out-of-print Lady Geek t-shirts out there.

Norman Reedus @ Comikaze Expo 2012

Despite my love for Geek Girl Con, you all should know here at Defective Geeks the one number one in our hearts is Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo! Why? There are too many reasons for this blog entry but the photo of me above with Norman Reedus shows it all. This convention not only gives us Stan Lee (all day for an entire weekend) but it also gave us Elvira, Adam West and Kevin Smith. And Norman Reedus, Norman Reedus and Norman Reedus!

If you’re tired of the crazy hoops you have to jump through just to get a badge for SDCC, then save your energy for Comikaze Expo later this year. The convention is only turning three this year but it has already made giant leaps to make it one of the more fun comic con in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see who we can stalk this year.

Then there was this. Possibly the greatest video and moment of San Diego Comic Con 2011? Reason #397 why Jared Padalecki is kind of super awesome.

SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room

Then one time at SDCC 2011, I was this close to Nathan Fillion back in the days when I got to go to press rooms for the LA Weekly Magazine. Just thought I’d brag about that again, even though by this point everyone and their moms has a Nathan Fillion story to tell or a picture to show.

What are your favorite convention memories and which conventions are you most looking forward to this year?

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