Visit Fortune Cookie at Fanime 2013!

Last minute, I know but I will be at Fanime this year! The convention is from May 24-27th in San Jose, CA and is one of my favorite conventions! There’s been a lot of weird hiccups due to the construction on the property so I am hoping that it’s not too hectic…

I am doing Artist Alley and I will be at table 266 with my usual partner-in-crime Yume Darling!

Please stop by our table to visit! I’d love to chat! I’m also up for interviewing cosplayers and other anime fans for an upcoming Defective Geeks convention report. :)

We will have a color-blocked tablecloth…the top part being this very pretty sakura pink lace material.

From Anime Expo 2011 with my friend Yan and an army of Kyubey.

Sorry, pony cloth. We had a good run but it’s time for something new! (Somehow it still ended up pink…)


ALL THE WAY BACK THERE. We’re going to be in this tent-like structure behind the convention center. I just pray that it has functional air conditioning because there’s over 300 tables with at least 2 people each..and that’s just the artists.

The Yelp reviews don’t really give any info other than it makes graduates cry because it makes them feel like they’re at the circus.

ANYWAYS. We both have a good number of prints both old and new! I also have my Hetalia keychains and buttons. I’d like to finish up some new designs too from Redline.
We will be tabling next to Onelani and Feuersonne at (table 265) so you’ll probably see a lot of cute plush rice cookers and felting goods (ooh eyeball earrings). :3

I also have a few other friends that I am with!!

At table NUMBER 1, Aya : + MK!

They are right by the exit. So if you can’t find them, you really can’t leave the building-tent-thing. And if you really can’t find the exit, look for their really orange tablecloth with a face on it and ask them where it is.

They’re selling cute drawings and merch and are just big sweetie pies. :D


But I have other friends really close to my section!

Sara + Hal are at Table 188!! Get your Avengers fix!! Lots of prints, comics, and plushies. A note that the awesome Art Nouveau Thor vs Loki print that Sara has for sale goes directly to funding their move-in together. :)

Jen is at Table 203! She’s the official 3rd party seller of Homestuck horns (with direct permission from the creator of the comic and 40% of profit going towards him. The rest goes towards her spinal physical therapy and pain therapy.). She’s also got some really cool posters!

Please check us all out and support us! I hope to see you there! <3

There’s also the Consolidated Map and the Official Fanime Map in case you were wondering just who else is participating in Fanime’s Artist Alley.

I’m also planning on dressing up for this convention! I am sure fellow cosplayers feel somewhat empty if they do not cosplay during a convention. I am very much the same and so even though I’m doing artist alley AND swap meet, I am still adding more to my plate. Let’s hope it does not overflow.


Yup. You can visit me and my boyfriend Vince (the composer for Flower and the audio director for Skullgirls!) on Friday night. I have books and clothing for the most part but he’s selling his Laser Disk collection! They’re pretty cool.

And yeah. I just might be biting off more than I can chew but I hope to at least say hello to everyone. :D


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