Date Archives June 5, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Mixer


We’ve teamed up with The Geek Girl Project for San Diego Comic-con 2013 and we are hosting a mixer this year! Nothing too crazy, nothing too extravagant — just a place for people to gather after hours at the bar inside the Hyatt. A chance for everyone to meet and greet, maybe find a line buddy for the weekend or just have a martini or two with Gizzy B.

Come join us on July 18 before you are too tired to even say your name after this crazy convention weekend.

Click here to check out the Facebook Event page for more information. 

See you there. We’d love to meet you!

Ep. 121 Laserdiscs Are Not Calendars

Do you remember laserdiscs? Do you even know what a casette tape is? In this week’s episode, the Lady Geeks discuss the evolution of media technology and if collecting physical copies of your favorite movie in different formats dictates the level of your fandom. Fanfic Theater: Gundam Wing.