Halloween! Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night 2013

HHN 2013

Once again, I found myself at Halloween Horror Night in Hollywood and I’ve already gone to the park twice this year (once with the girls and once with my boyfriend!). Universal Studios’ haunt is always all around top-notch quality in production. Not surprising since they are an actual working movie studio with access to props and make-up. This year’s mazes includes Insidious, The Evil Dead, Black Sabbath 13, El Cucuy, Monster Remix and The Walking Dead. We had a lot of fun this year although I can’t say that this was my most memorable experience at HHN.

The Terror Tram ride was lacking for me this year and I didn’t find the experience as good as past years. The last Terror Tram ride that I fully enjoyed and got a good scare from was when they had the Scream 4 Your Life theme in 2011. This year and last year, they had The Walking Dead theme and I found both years a bit on the ‘meh…’ side. I just don’t think there are enough zombies during the walk through and the experience is a little underwhelming especially after waiting in line for an hour. Needless to say, I skipped it on my second visit to the park. I would tell people to take the ride if they have never been on it or if they missed last year’s, of course, but for the ‘veterans’ — I would recommend skipping it if the wait in line is more than half an hour.

The Insidious maze was a lot of fun on our first run through. It was the first maze the girls and I hit and there was hardly anyone in line for it yet . . . so for the most part, we were alone in the maze and the scares got us pretty good! I liked the movies and the maze was pretty much a lot of my nightmares coming to life. I don’t quite like having the old lady in black making a grab for us from hidden doors but I do appreciate having it scare the bejeezus out of us.

All the other mazes were still fun — the Evil Dead maze was probably one of my favorites after Insidious. The movie was pure gore but the maze gets to you on a strange psychological level. The scare zones in the park were pretty good this year but again, I don’t think they were as much fun as previous years. Chucky is out in the open in his own scare zone and he enjoys making dirty jokes and picking on people walking by. He said that my hair was badly dyed… which is mostly true, haha! It’s a good spot to stop for a little live entertainment but don’t get butthurt if he calls you a dirty whore.

What was most interesting this year is that they built The Walking Dead and Black Sabbath 13 mazes deep into the backlot of the studio instead of them actually being within the theme park’s grounds. You had to take a tram to get to those two mazes. El Cucuy was the only maze that was situated on the upper, main floor of the theme park. Everything else was down below by the Jurassic Park ride.

I have to note that El Cucuy was a great maze with a lot of good scares too! Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure is always a hilarious and fun show. If you get a chance, I would definitely recommend watching this live show. This year, there were tons of half-naked dudes which was, well, excellent!

HHN 2013

TIP #1 – Early Entry! This year, they had an early entry for people who shows up at 6pm. There is some waiting around involved but they open up the more popular mazes. This is the best way to go so get there early!

TIP #2 – Get in early anyways and go during a Thursday or Sunday night! HHN has become extremely popular and it sells out each year. The best nights to go are Thursdays or Sundays but get there early anyways. Even if you do miss the Early Entry event, the first hour of the event is key. The wait time during the first hour is virtually nothing and you can hit up all the more popular mazes within that hour. As the night progresses, the wait time for those mazes can go up to 2 to 3 hours long, which is absolutely ridiculous.

TIP #3 – Follow @HorrorNights on Twitter! They give out secret words for mazes and you can possibly snag a cool prize.

TIP #4 – Don’t skip Monster Remix! Most people don’t realize how fun and scary this maze actually is. It’s a lot of fun and in between the scares, there is a live DJ playing dance music. Dubstep your way through the monsters trying to make you scream…

HHN 2013

Overall, this year wasn’t my absolute favorite year but Halloween Horror Night will probably continue to be my favorite theme park during Halloween. I just hope that next year will truly be much more spectacular.

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