Vox Populi: Voice of the ‘Occasionally Interested’ People


In our geek loving community, we know (and love!) Sean Astin for his portrayal of Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy — or if we go more ‘old school’, we know him as Mikey from The Goonies! Sean is now rallying for our support for his online radio show, Vox Populi, where he hosts a forum for open discussion on politics, government and world events. His show welcomes every view point and encourages growth and learning as a community. Now, he is taking the show on the next phase with a Kickstarter campaign and he wants to reach his second goal within a few days to bring more content for the show.

Check out our interview with him below!

What has been the most inspiring aspect of your first season on Vox Populi for you and what are you hoping will continue on to the next season?

Truth be told, I’ve had the vision for this forum for so long, just getting to sit in the saddle and enjoy modeling an aggressively curious and always respectful tone. Hitting that note was enthralling for me.

Your show focuses on political discussions with civil discourse. Do you feel that is something that is lacking in contemporary media?

It’s common knowledge that the media stokes passions and thrives on conflict. One thing I’ve wrestled with is that we want our leaders, we want ourselves to be strong. It is an absolute challenge for people to be forceful in their ideas and fighting for their agenda while finding a way not to attack each other. I think the show works because it is not designed to pursuade, but to engage, express and vigorously work toward understanding…

What is your ultimate dream or goal for the show?

I want the show to be a threat. On any given episode, I’d love to have newsmakers, opinion makers, thinkers and in all ways relevant guests to such an extent that people would feel compelled to keep the show on their radar as the national discussion rages and unfolds.

What do you hope people will take away from listening to your show?

I want people to take away a sense of empowerment. It would be great if they understood themselves a little more and understood different points of view a little more. I would also like to offer some pure knowledge that the audience can use going forward.

A Message from Sean:
Thank you so much for covering my campaign. I’m so proud of the show I’ve built and I would be incredibly grateful to your readers if they backed the project and help me take this dream to the next level. I’ve been saying tongue in cheek, but actually it’s serious, THE SHOW NEEDS AN APP. It would make it easier for people to find, experience and contribute to the show as well as navigating the past episodes and finding various guests at the push of a button. The SHOW NEEDS AN APP. Your readers could make the difference in us reaching our so called stretch goal. All they have to do is go to: StartTheVox.com and back the show. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!


Interview questions provided by both the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B.

Kickstarter: Vox Populi: Voice of the ‘Occasionally Interested’ People
Twitter: @hostvoxpopuli
Facebook: VoxPopuliRadio
Website: www.voxpopuliradio.com

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