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Steve Lund It’s kind of hard not to enjoy an interview when you get to talk about Indiana Jones, superpowers, and Boba Fett mugs. Recently I had the pleasure of conducting a very fun interview with actor Steve Lund who will be appearing in the upcoming show Bitten. Lund will be playing the character Nick, a werewolf who is a fun loving guy and runs his own bar. In this interview Lund talks about his character on Bitten, how Indiana Jones inspired him to become an actor, his thoughts on the meanings behind different superpowers, and his favorite comic book movie.

It was a lot of fun chatting with Lund and you guys should definitely check him out. After the interview we geeked out a bit over how much fun conventions can be. Yes, he is pretty cool.

How is it you got into acting?

Well I always wanted to be an actor when I was really young. I always tell people that Indiana Jones was the reason why I got started, hence my Skype name (his Skype handle is an awesome reference to that character).

It’s a very awesome Skype name, by the way.

Thank you! I always like to do weird names with these usernames. Sometimes I feel it would be too generic to use my name. I don’t know, I just try to get a little creative. They’re misinterpreted a lot of the time, but I don’t care. (Laughs). Anyways, when I was really young I was dressing up like Indiana Jones every single day. I’d go to the mall and I’d have the whip, I had the hat, I had the gun, I had a man purse that I’d put stones into and relics and whatever I would find. That was it for me. I was telling people that I was going to be an actor. You know when you’re a small kid and you don’t have a lot of knowledge of what a career path is and somebody asks you what you want to be and you say, “Oh, I want to be an astronaut,” or, “a doctor.” I said I wanted to be an actor. It’s pretty cool twenty years later to be able to still say that.

I played hockey for a long time and I grew really fast. I was about six foot two in grade nine. Hockey took precedence over everything else and I played well into my late teens. Unfortunately I had some concussions that prevented me from going any further. The doctor said, “Don’t ever play hockey ever again.” So by that time I was thinking of alternative career paths and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity for me to realize that initial goal that I had, so I looked into some acting schools and I find one that suited what I wanted to do which was a year intensive program. I just went for it and it worked out. It’s going well so far.

That’s exciting. So tell me about your character Nick on Bitten.

Nick, oh Nick. Nick is a fun guy. He wasn’t a very difficult stretch for me as an actor which is kind of nice. This is my first series and we all love acting and stretching ourselves to new boundaries in terms of working on a character and stuff like that, but I feel like I really connected with Nick on a lot of levels. Nick is a tenured werewolf in the pack. My grandfather was the pack alpha at one point and although it doesn’t always follow a lineage it is sort of expected that the son would inherit the leadership qualities of the pack alpha. My father actually vouched for another man to become pack alpha, so that’s where it ended for my family’s domination in the alpha world. My father’s definitely involved, he sort of the accountant and handles the books and does a lot of the business transactions for the pack and sort of handles the logistical side of everything. I’ve sort of been more exposed to that world. I definitely have a lot of loyalty to the pack, but I have my own ventures. I own and run my own bar. I’m just a fun loving guy. I indulge in a lot of different things. I’m a little bit sillier and goofier than the other characters, but a nice addition I think.

Tell me about the show Bitten.

Bitten is the TV adaptation of the novel series by the Canadian writer Kelley Armstrong and it centers around the only known female werewolf Elena played by Laura Vandervoort. She was bitten years ago and she is torn between two worlds. She really wants to have a normal human life, but obviously there’s such a big part of her life that she can’t really avoid at all. So she had been a werewolf for years and dead bodies start showing up in Stonehaven which is our compound in upstate New York. We know that there is a new very real threat to the werewolves. The exposure is imminent and that is something we have been avoiding for centuries. We call upon Elena to come and help us out although she has been avoiding us for years to try to live this normal life. She has a very serious boyfriend, they’re living together and he doesn’t know that at night she goes ravaging through the ravines and killing small animals and stuff. We need her because she has a sense of smell in order to track these villains, whoever they are. We definitely need her keen sense. That’s where the series takes off.


So if you could be any supernatural creature or have any superpower, which one would you pick and why?

I was just listening to a podcast about this recently. It was talking about the two most common ones which are the power of flight and the power of invisibility. They were talking about the psychological connection between which one you would choose. If you chose invisibility it’s because you were trying to hide from who you really are. This was a real psychoanalytical take on things. Then if you were to choose the power of flight then you were self-absorbed and wanted all the glory for yourself. So, I’ve been kind of shying away from those (laughs). One thing I always wanted to do when I was playing sports was to be able to slow everything else down. You know what I mean?


Very effective for sports I would think, but for anything really. You could just pick your moments where you’re operating at the same speed, but everything else is slowed down around you. So that would be my superpower!

I like that one. I’ve heard flying a lot, or teleportation.

Teleportation is a huge one, yeah. Teleportation though there has to be some radiation involved. I feel like there would be some long-term effects on your inner organs, maybe.

Yeah, good thinking.

You know what I’m saying. For fantasy’s sake, it’s okay.

What is your dream role?

Indiana Jones, probably (laughs). I was watching a lot of Bruce Willis recently. It wasn’t a choice of mine, I think he was just appearing on my Netflix quite a bit lately. Have you seen the movie Looper?


Yes. Amazing, amazing film. Truly like a high quality sci-fi movie. But he seems to always wind up with a machine gun in his hand and he’s just so good with it. Obviously it’s a movie, but he has such accuracy with one of those high-powered guns. I’m like, I want to have one of those roles! I think my dream role would be anything that Bruce Willis has ever done.

Rock on.

Just give me any one of Bruce Willis’s roles and I would be so satisfied.

Excellent. So you are now on a television show, but what are some of your favorite television shows to watch?

There was a show I watched, an original Netflix show, called House of Cards. It’s outstanding. That was probably my favorite show this year. I haven’t gotten into Breaking Bad yet but I know I would really enjoy it. I’m waiting for it all to come out because I know I’ll want to watch them all in succession of one another and not have to wait. Another one I watched was The Wire. Loved The Wire. I watched a lot of Dexter, but I haven’t watched this season yet. Those are some good ones.


You mentioned Indiana Jones earlier, so what are some of the other things you like to geek out over?

I’m a big Star Wars guy, definitely. I’ve seen all those movies many times.

(At this point I take the opportunity to show off the Boba Fett mug I’m drinking coffee out of.)

Boba Fett Mug! I’m also a die-hard fan of this one particular hockey team and I definitely geek out over them. I have like socks, several hats, many t-shirts, PJs. I have all kinds of paraphernalia that revolve around the Montreal Canadiens. I’m a big time geek over that. What else… Shoes. Does that count?


Yeah, definitely shoes. I’m not going to lie. I was raised by women, so I feel like I have a lot of feminine qualities and I form those relationships a lot easier. One of those side effects has been an obsession with shopping. I’m a bit of a clothes whore. We were looking for places and I just moved into this place and it’s pretty barren right now. One of the requirements is that we had a lot of space, but I needed a giant closet and we lucked out with that.

I have to say I’m very jealous of the spacious closet.

(Laughs) Yeah, it’s nice.

What is your favorite comic book movie and why?

I’d have to say The Dark Knight. To me it is the premiere comic book adaptation. I’ve been a big fan of the Tim Burton Batman films, like I had a giant collection of Batman toys when I was a kid. So to me if Batman wasn’t done properly it would be a little, not offensive, but I would certainly be very upset with it. I really think Christopher Nolan hit the nail on the head with those movies. I’m really satisfied with them, I’ve watched them probably about ten times now. I’m a big Spiderman fan too, but I don’t feel like those movies were done quite as well as Batman even though they’re completely different guys. The Dark Knight is pretty rad, man.

Bitten will premiere on the Space Channel on January 11th, 2014 and on the SyFy Channel on January 13th, 2014.


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