Pay with Personality! Offers Geeky Banking


The internet is taking over! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably realized by now that pretty much everything is going the way of the world wide web. You order meals online, you play all your video games online, and you even buy your music online!

Just like encyclopedias and boomboxes are walking with the dinosaurs, bank branches are on their way out as well. Online and mobile banking are kicking bank-branches to the curb and making our lives much easier. Gone are the days that you have to stand in a Disney-sized line and wait to cash a check. Banking is literally at your fingertips when you can pay all your bills, make your deposits and transfer your funds with just your phone and a card.

Sure, it’s convenient…and boring.

rommel card

What if you could get a bank card that’s as unique or as geeky as you are?

Well, now you can! offers you thousands of choices of cool prepaid Visa debit cards to choose from. The company’s cute, user friendly site mirrors its mission to “make payments fair, fun, simple and fashionable.”

While offering all the same services as traditional banks like direct deposit, in-network ATMs, free check cashing, online bill pay, etc. They pride themselves on making their fees competitive and transparent.  As a victim of the insane “overdraft fee,” I know this is something traditional banks consistently fail at. The best thing about prepaid debit cards is that you can only spend what you have — there IS no overdrafting and no overdraft fees. There are no outrageous APR’s either, and if you set up direct deposit, there are no fees at all. If not, it’s free for the first 30 days and after that it’s $5.95 — which is $3 lower than my [former] bank’s monthly fee, direct deposit or not!

Sign-up is quick and easy, because there are no credit checks and everyone is approved within seconds. Thanks to them, my banking looks more like THIS:


My suggestion? Simplify your life, reduce your fees and get a cool, new card by dropping your bank and switching to prepaid. Check out some of their sweet cards below, and sign-up FREE today!


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