Fanart Glee: Loki, Brother and Trickster

Art by Sulamoon.

I tried very hard to resist the “Loki bandwagon” — I guess it’s more like the Tom Hiddleston bandwagon. Let’s face it, the character only became Tumblr-popular based on his portrayal of the character.

I wasn’t strong enough to resist the Hiddlecharm. Especially with that sly and mischievous smile. All that green.

In this edition of Fanart Glee, I searched far and wide (on Tumblr) and found really beautiful Loki fanart. I mean, these fans have amazing talents! Check them out!

Art by Yeonbee.

Art by hyuey.

Art by Litzebitz.

Art by ALBdesigns.

Art by amaranthinelover.

Art by pikaole.

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