Robot Chicken Meets DC Comics

What do Robot Chicken and DC Comics have in common?
An art show, a fan base, and doing some good.

With their powers combined, they have also hosted three (3!) spectacles over at iam8Bit gallery in Echo Park, California.

On March 28th, they hosted their one-night-only charity art show and to celebrate the April 6, 2014 premiere of their Robot Chicken Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise.

Being veterans to the always anticipated, always crowded, and mega fun shows at iam8bit, Michelle and I powered up over at 7-11. I have to mention this because it is a freaking HORCHATA ENERGY DRINK, suitably named ‘Arriba’ (thanks 7-11!). Don’t get your hopes up kids, for $2/each it was mostly sugar and cinnamon and if there was any energy, I used most of it (energy) trying to finish this drink.

The show, contrary to the energy drink, did not disappoint!

There were some very amazing and talented artists involved. From big to small, from affordable crafty DC themed hats to amazing and awe-inspiring pieces, the show had an amazing variety of talent and artwork.

This wonderfully inspired Akira piece (above) was the favourite of the night. One can never argue the power of the melding of two great popculture entities, or in this case, my love for Batman and the influence that Akira had on my weeaboo childhood.

Iam8Bit shows do have a tendency to be quite popular, with lines sometimes wrapping around the block all night. I snapped as many shots of art before the elbow room became sparse. These are just some of my favourite pieces, be it amazing or humorous.

There were also some very cool customized Seahorse sculptures dressed up as the various characters from DC. I did learn later that each of these seahorses were created by artists from Stoopid Buddy Studios, founders and masterminds behind Robot Chicken.

These Seahorses were up for auction. My favourite is perhaps the Harley Quinn, and this one with some David Lee Roth/Van Halen-esque hair.

If you’re confused and asking out loud “why seahorses?”
Lucky for you (and me!), there was a special clip from the Robot Chicken DC Comics II that was shown, referencing why the seahorses were relevant.

If you weren’t able to make it to the one-night show, don’t worry you can catch the new Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II on April 6th at 11:30pm on Adultswim.

For more photos from the Robot Chicken DC Comics Art show, view the album.

Signing off,
Yume Ninja

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