Fanart Glee: Pacific Rim, Jaeger Party


Gorgeous painting by GriveArt.

No one was flailing as much as I was in the theater while watching Pacific Rim. No one. That said, when pondering what my next round of Fanart Glee post should be about, I realized — duh, I bet there’s some amazing Pacific Rim fanart on Tumblr these days! Check out the ones I collected after the jump.

There is a lot of love going on for Cherno Alpha. I am not surprise that they became fast fandom favorites.


Artwork from


Couldn’t trace the origin for this one, if anyone can help!


Artwork by Procrastiranger.


Cute shoe dedication by gentlepush.


Don’t forget to walk your Jaeger this morning! Art by Jaegar Party.


“It’s not obedience, Mr. Becket, it’s respect.” Art by astrofawn.


Artwork by Feriowind.


So random, but so adorable. Art by lynxgriffin.


Super indulgent crossover! Make sure to check out the artist’s tumblr page to see the rest! Art by brilcrist.

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