Pop Culture Expo: A Convention for the Fans

Calling all geeks in the Boston area! There is a new convention onĀ May 24th-25th called Pop Culture Expo and it is the convention you have been waiting for.

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If you go to conventions regularly there is a chance you may have started to become a little jaded. There are the huge crowds, the long lines for autographs, and even more frustrating the long lines for panels (and there isn’t even a guarantee you’ll get into the panel you want to see). It can be very discouraging and sometimes can ruin the experience at a convention.

Well, there is a man named Gary Sohmers who wants to make conventions fun again and for the fans. He created Pop Culture Expo which is an event that has all things fantastic and geeky and has designed it with the comfort and convenience of the fan in mind.

For example if you want to get someone’s autograph, instead of waiting in a long line you can purchase a ticket for the autograph ahead of time with a designated time slot for the autograph. So, you’ll know exactly what time to waltz up to the booth and get that autograph you really want. Also, not only are there photo ops with some of your favorite people, but also video ops. So not only do you get a picture with that person, you can also have a video saying, “Check it out, I am way more awesome than you.” Bragging rights are the best, after all.

This is a convention specifically designed to make the experience for the attendee as convenient as possible and after spending a weekend at WonderCon where there were many longs lines I could not be more jealous of the people of Boston right now.

Here are some cool people you can meet at the Pop Culture Expo:

– Leah Cevoli
– Sam Huntington
– Esme Biano
– Ernie Hudson
– Billy West

… and many more!

Pop Culture Expo will be at Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, Massachusetts May 24th-25th. Go here for tickets.

Soon we will post a podcast interview with Gary Sohmers, so keep an eye out to hear about all the awesome things about Pop Culture Expo from the man himself!

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