Sandra Bullock Lesson #8

This week we travel to rehab and talk about our feelings in 28 Days.

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Gwen is a party girl and the start of the film follows her ruining her sisters wedding, quite spectacularly, and crashing a limo into a house. The judge gives her the choice of 28 days of rehab or jail time, so Gwen heads to rehab, where the fun begins!

1) Soap operas help you get through rehab
2) Lifting up a horse’s leg is symbolic of becoming a better person
3) Alan Tudyk should be in every film.

This film has quite a star studded cast: Sandra Bullock (of course), Dominic West, Viggo Mortensen, Steve Buscemi, Alan Tudyk, and lots of people who’s faces I recognised if not their names.

As goofy as my lessons are, I actually found this to be a film that handled addiction and rehabilitation well. It’s not as gritty as it probably could be, I’m sure much crazier/scarier shit happens in rehab, but it gently took you from being a bit freaked out by the people in the rehab centre to loving all of them by the end.

The horse’s leg thing was just so Hollywood. One of the exercises at rehab was to approach a horse and lift it’s hoof to clean it out. They made it appear like the most Herculean task ever. I managed it when I was 8. This should not have been impossible for 10 adults over a period of several weeks. When Gwen gets out of rehab, she’s having a moment testing her faith in herself and she finds a horse, in the middle of a city, and manages to lift his hoof. HALLELUJAH! Now we know she’s had character growth!

Alan Tudyk just rocks in everything I’ve ever seen him in. He steals every scene he’s in. He has a fantastic monologue about forks:

Fork in the Road

I appreciated that it didn’t just end when she finished rehab. We get to see how difficult it’s going to be for her to adapt to being back in the city and amongst her old demons. The ending is sort of sudden, though, but what I liked about it was that it ends with her meeting up with Alan in a shop and the two of them just being happy to see someone else they could relate to. Not with her finding a man or anything miraculous, just a small, happy moment.

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