Geek Cred: Smart, Funny + Wonder Woman’s Boobs


Let’s admit it, geeks. These days, we take ourselves, our community and our fandom way too seriously. We are a sensitive bunch with teddy bear hearts and we want to love our comic books so bad it makes us cry some times. With that said, a new web series premiered online today and it is called Geek Cred. Now, the word ‘cred’ already implies things on many different levels.  It’s a brave word to use in a title that also has the word ‘Geek’ in it and for many, it might be taken on as a challenge.

You can watch the first episode now online but I had seen the show last Sunday at the premiere party with the cast and crew at Busby’s in Los Angeles. How did I feel after I saw it? I felt pretty darn good.

Geek Cred is not only hilarious but it’s also very smart. Yes, it is a caricature of people who work in a comic book store– or is it really? Don’t we all know someone who is kind of like Ben? And like Callie, don’t we all want to punch a Ben while at the same time, pinch his cheeks for being such an adorable (albeit annoying) fanboy? Don’t we all get a little miffed off when our comics doesn’t arrive on time and it makes us late for work? Don’t we all just want to argue all day long about our favorite characters?

The dialogue is reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s Clerks, which I say as a compliment since I think most of you know I’m a huge Smith fan. There is always room for a bit of self-depricating humor in my heart, I always say. Again, I know the word ‘cred’ is going to put off some people but instead, I challenge all of you to embrace our collective nerd-pretentiousness and just have fun with it. Just watch it!

The show stars Michele Boyd, Wes Robertson, Damion Poitier, Daniel Beals and Miley Yamamoto. It was filmed at our favorite store, The Comic Bug!

I am looking forward to watching this show play on the geek tropes but in a funny and intelligent way. I think the series will make most comic book fans smile. I’m also looking forward to a lot of the guest stars that will be appearing on the show! Check them out on their website at

Now, enjoy some photo booth madness from the party! I ran into host/actress/our friend, Stephanie Pressman, plus Juan from Comics on Comics. Vito was there too, but he disappeared before I could drag him into the photo booth for some reason ;)







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