The Geekie Awards 2014 aka Dinos and Pizzas and Friendship.

Holy cow. The Geekie Awards were pretty dang fun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now in their second year, The Geekie Awards, or “The Geekies” as most people call it, is a celebration of independent nerd-dom, with categories such as “Geek of the Year”, “Best Cosplay,” and “Best Comics & Graphic Novel.” Hosted at the beautiful Avalon theater space, this event was classy, nerdy, and full of weird little surprises. (And yes, that is an Iron Throne made out of Gibson guitars up top.)

I attended as the +1 of our friend Aimee, who was invited as a representative for Judy Grivich (that awesome babe is on a cruise right now, so she couldn’t make it out), who was nominated for Best Cosplay for her Bioshock Big Daddy Bouncer cosplay. (IT IS INTENSE. Check her work in progress photos here, and some completed Big Daddy photos here.) Outside, the red carpet was bustling. Since we were representatives of a nominee and not the ACTUAL nominee, we got shooed away from the red carpet but we were more excited to get inside out of the sun, haha. A view from the uncool kids’ side: IMG_20140817_172004 Outside, Hip Hop Stormtrooper arrived, carrying a gigantic boom box, blaring tunes for the red carpet. IT WAS KINDA COOL, OKAY? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They had some cool cars out front.. check out the Penguin eyeballing us hardcore in the corner there. This is me (chubby bunny!), left, with Aimee on the right <3 We are good at faking classy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Levar Burton won GEEK OF THE YEAR. More like, OF THE DECADE, but I suppose they have to give out an award every year. Levar sang reading rainbow on stage. Everyone cried. And that was just the second award they presented! IMG_20140817_200300     Another one of the Cosplay nominees was the adorable Dustbunny in her Totoro gown! She was so cute! Pardon the super red light they had shining at all of us before the event started. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Check out this amazing Eye of Sauron headpiece this woman made!! It’s parodying the infamous hat Philip Treacy made for Princess Beatrice. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Cosplay category came up fairly quickly, and was presented by Doug Jones and a lovely baby velociraptor. IMG_20140817_203338 JUDY WON!!! Which meant Aimee got to go on stage to accept for her… and get a smooch from Doug , our hero <3 (Oh shit, I Just noticed the Penguin is behind Aimee! HE’S FOLLOWING US!!) IMG_20140817_203648 After that, we started hitting the sauce pretty hard because we were feeling quite celebratory and smug that our amazing friend had won. It was almost as good as winning ourselves, haha. And then, of course, we had to wave around the award like a couple of boasting bears all night and prod people with it. (Dear Judy: I’m sorry. A little bit. Not a lot, though.) IMG_20140817_205343 IMG_20140817_205119 Yup. Of course I did this. And of course there’s photographic proof of it. I think right after this photo was taken, I almost chipped my tooth on it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The Geekie Awards founderl Kristen Nedopak, thanking the audience for being nerds. What a time to be alive! IMG_20140817_205628 Right after that, Star Trek Continues won for best Web Series!! It felt pretty cool that all of our friends were winning awards left and right! Now I sort of know how Brad Pitt feels. I mean, it’s probably the same, right? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I don’t have a proper photo, but our amazing friend Lauren Matesic’s brand Castle Corsetry, won the Fashion & Armor category! FRIEND! WINNING! YAY! The awards show ended with a set by Songhammer.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Okay so, uh after that there was an after party and things get kind of fuzzy. There was pizza. There was poking. There was pointing. The best after parties have pizza hut. NOMNOM. I think… I may have dropped some pizzas out of this box while I was holding it for this photo. I REGRET EVERYTHING. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We found Doug Jones again after the show for a pic…He is so sweet <3 Aimee was trying hard not to fangirl too much in this photo, haha. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chris Gore and his handsome friend point at things with me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     As we were leaving, we saw the velociraptor walking around Hollywood Boulevard. Aimee attempts to blast it. Apparently I took this photo, yet I have no memory of it happening. Man, that was a good party.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thanks to The Geekie Awards for another great year! We hope to come back next year! Maybe we can nominate ourselves for something… best nerd partiers? That’s gotta be a category eventually. Thank you Aimee for the great photos! You can see Aimee’s post about the event on her personal blog here!  This is IAMCHUBBYBUNNY, signing out… IN THE NAME OF THE MOOOOON!

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