INTERVIEW: Tommie-Amber Pirie, Witching It Up on BITTEN

20130910_shalanandpaul_0028 You know, it’s true — Canada gets a lot of cool shows, and one of those include Space and SyFy’s original series, BITTEN. Enough with the male driven cast of werewolves show! Bitten is about a female werewolf and her struggle between her supernatural world while trying to live a normal life. Tommie-Amber Pirie joins the cast of BITTEN and was kind enough to answer a few questions about her upcoming role as a witch on the show. Werewolves and witches, need I say more? Read on and get to know Tommie-Amber with us. Did we mention she had worked with Daniel Radcliffe before as well?

Tell us about joining the cast of BITTEN and your role as a witch? What can you tell us about your character?

Yes! I have had the pleasure of joining the amazing team of the BITTEN cast and crew for season two as a witch named Paige Winterbourne. Her and her coven join the pack in this up and coming season and many exciting things ensue! I can’t say too much about her role in the season but know that she is a great addition to the series. Not only because I have a job! Ha! But because more female power on this show rocks! Everything thus far had been utterly enjoyable. I am thrilled to go to work every day.

What makes BITTEN different from all the other supernatural inspired television out there?

To be honest I can’t say too much on that because I haven’t watched a ton of super natural stuff so I can’t say much on the differences but I can say that I play a witch. So…that’s pretty badass.  I think that witches are the new wave.  As in witch is the new vampire! Also BITTEN is based on a book series by Kelly Armstrong called Women of The Otherworld. She’s has merged the worlds and creatures of the supernatural effortlessly so it’s an interesting dynamic, that’s  a fact.

What is the best part about playing characters within a fantasy or science fiction world?

The best part is that you never know what’s coming and that anything is possible. I don’t want to give too much away but some of the stuff on BITTEN is freaky and would never happen in this realm, so it’s fun as hell to play characters in which their world is endless with possibility.

What’s the most interesting — or craziest! — type of character you can envision yourself playing one day? 

Hmm…I hope that every role that I approach has an amount of “interesting” to them. Otherwise what’s the point right? Man oh man……I would love to play anything that challenges me out of my realm of understanding or comfort. That for me would be crazy. A role that I am terrified to approach would be crazy. I don’t know what that looks like though. I think it would be crazy to play a real person who has existed or still exists. Actors who do biopics. Terrifying. And challenging. You can imagine why. That would be crazy.

TommieAmberPic3Just because we’re a bunch of “geeks”, we have to ask — what was it like working with Daniel Radcliffe on The F Word (What If)?

Horrible. Awful. YEAH RIGHT! He was the loveliest damn human. Such a kind, humble, lovely, generous, connected, passionate man. A beyond talented individual who has acclaimed success but who knows his roots and where he came from.

What are things do you like to geek out over? 

I geek out over home decor, garage sales, vegan food, the weird species called the human, coffee, and really amazing actors and their process.

If you could have a superpower, which one would it be and why?

If I could have one super power it would be to shoot the best damn coffee out of my finger tip. I suppose that would take the enjoyment out of it. Because I thoroughly love making my coffee in the morning. That being said – world peace.

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