Kevin Conroy, The Batman is Coming to Comikaze Expo


Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is right around the corner — as in, it’s this weekend (ahh!) and we are once again, really looking forward to it. This year, the holy grail is finally arriving at the convention. His name is Kevin Conroy and we’re going to stalk the heck out of the guy (apologies in advance?). If you have ever read this blog or listened to our podcast, you are aware of mine and Gizzy B’s love for Batman: The Animated Series. No other actor has played Batman longer than Kevin Conroy and although Batman’s face changes in animation, the voice will always be the same for me. To this day, I get really excited when I hear his voice playing Batman in either a new animated movie or the video games.

I always lament whenever I miss him at a comic convention here on the West coast. He is like a unicorn for me — so fleeting, always missed.


This weekend will be the moment. Kevin will be signing and taking photos with fans at his autograph booth all weekend long and I plan to be the first in line. I am a girl shaped by the cartoons I watched when I was growing up in the 90s and all the voices that came along with these shows. I have openly wept in front of my favorite voice actors and I am not promising that I will have any less self-control in front of Mr. Conroy.

His voice shaped Batman as a character for me and although I am not as big of a Batman-fanatic, I am very much a Conroy-Voicing-Batman fanatic! Yes, the new Batman films are more than amazing but my childhood Batmans (the other one is Adam West) will always be the best and honestly, who can beat Conroy’s performance? Just watch Batman: The Animated Series again. The series holds up and the performance in those episodes were top notch. No one bought more depth to both Bruce Wayne and the Batman than Conroy did.

Fingers crossed that this magical meeting will finally happen!

Help me give this guy some love this weekend and join us at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo from October 31 – November 2nd. Tickets available now!



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