Jane Austen Bath Festival 2014

For years I have wanted to go to the Jane Austen Bath Festival, and this year I finally got my wish. I coerced three of my friends to go with me and we had a fantastic time.


There were amazing costumes all weekend. It was super cool seeing them all wandering through town.


If you didn’t have your own costume, you could drop by the Jane Austen Centre and try on theirs! Next year, I’m definitely making a frock coat and wearing a top hat.


We saw a production of Northanger Abbey by Box Tale Soup which was fantastic. There were just two actors using all those puppets to recreate the story. It was pretty accurate, too, considering the play was only about 90 minutes.

Masked Ball-3297.jpg

Then there was the ball. It wouldn’t be Jane Austen without a ball!

Masked Ball-3353.jpg

We decided to be super cool and wear Jane Austen temporary tattoos. Next time, I’m thinking JA Biker Gang as our costume theme.

Masked Ball-3354.jpg

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