Hello Anime Los Angeles 2015!

Risa Light of Cherry Jelly Productions in cute Xmassy cosplay!


Anime Los Angeles marks the first convention of the year in the L.A. area. This year, Chubby Bunny and Yume Ninja ventured out for the first time to see what all the buzz around this con was about.

For years now, we have heard cosplayers talk about their love for the small, but consistently growing convention that is ALA.

Terra and Edgar cosplayers were ON POINT.


As soon as we entered the LAX Marriott, we were pleased to see the explosion of  amazing costumes in the lobby. What we noticed about this convention was the sheer amount of attendees in cosplay and the variety of fandoms from anime, video games, manga, and mainstream movies and comics.


Because ALA is a smaller convention, there was definitely a heavy focus on the friendly gathering of cosplayers. The atmosphere was very intimate and welcoming as attendees made new friends and swapped stories about their favorite fandoms with each other in every nook and cranny of the Marriot hotel.

Li Shang cosplay is always best cosplay! This guy was totes GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS TO DEFEAT.. uhmm OH MY GOD HIS COSTUME IS LINED WITH HELLO KITTY FABRIC!!!!! ::diesoffangirlorgasm::

Please also take the time to appreciate this Bouei-bu (Translated as “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!” in the US) cosplay group, the first we’ve seen in 2015. We expect a few more from our favourite new anime this year.


It happened to be one of those rare rainy days in LA, but many cosplayers stayed true to their craft and still huddled around the pool area for some photos. Many of the ALA cosplay pool photoshoots have been some of the most memorable from previous years, and this year’s certainly did not disappoint, despite the weather.


We couldn’t brave the rain outside, but we did discover that ALA staff does a great deal to take care of the con-goers. Nearly everywhere, water stations were set up in every corner, and there was even a complimentary snack lounge! NUTELLA SANDWICHES? Hell yes.


This may seem like peanuts to veteran con attendees, but as geeks who have been going to cons since we were in high school, you have to appreciate that someone knows you spend the bulk of your money on travel/costumes and not on sustenance. ALA does a  great job of taking care of its attendees whose ages vary greatly.


If you’re looking for a giant anime convention like Anime Expo, ALA is definitely not it. There was more of a friendly, meet up atmosphere. Since it is a small con, we found that you could easily run into numerous friends within seconds.

The exhibit hall and artist alley are on a much smaller scale as well. Because of this, it’s definitely less overwhelming than the other big LA conventions, and you can spend more time browsing the goods with a lot more elbow room.

This is a cape made of MAGIC THE GATHERING cards.





We were really impressed by this table at the artist alley who was creating their own otome game! We selected the answers that made the boy think we were pervs. Mischief managed.








Which version of Thranduil do you think we like better? Yeah. The one with the Christmas lights. Party King Thranduil lives on!


Our awesome friend Aimee Major’s table!











The hand painted body pillows in the artist alley WERE A THING OF GLORY.


Our very own Alchimique, with her cute booth in the artist alley.

Due to the growing popularity of ALA, the convention is moving to the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California in 2016. It’s a bit farther out, but we are already looking forward to attending next year!

What conventions are you guys looking forward to this year?


For the love of all things nerdy, this is YumeNinja and Chubby Bunny, signing out!

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