Cosplay Showcase: Attack on Titan

photo by vicissijuice

Attack on Titan took the cosplay world by storm when the 2013 anime broke onto the scene and it hasn’t let go since. Cosplayers all over the world devoted their hearts to the colossal task of bringing the series to life and it was a long arduous journey full of blood, sweat and tears for many. I know this because I cosplay Mikasa and I felt like getting eaten by a titan might have been less painful than creating everything from scratch. The costumes and props themselves require so much attention to detail – from the maze of a full body harness to the daunting Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear – that seeing people produce such craftsmanship fills my heart with great pride. As a fellow Attack on Titan cosplayer, I SALUTE YOU!

Check out a slice of the cosplay that blew my mind below!

Yuegene as Mikasa Ackerman

I was wondering if this was a movie still from the upcoming live action at first. Such drama!

AoT-ReikaReika as Captain Levi 

I’d totally join the Survey Corps for Reika!Levi.

AoT_mhaMha as Armin Arlert

I love how Armin’s timid yet courageous personality comes through.

AoT_AbessinierAbessinier as Ymir

It’s amazing how everyone looks so badass in this uniform.

AoT_MonMon as Mikasa Ackerman

Again with shots that look like they’d be from the movie!

AoT-InushioInushio as Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan cosplayers COMMIT when it comes to capturing the feeling of the series.

AoT_SRbossSRBoss as Sasha Blouse

There’s some cheeky moments with some of these photos.

AoT_SmallFryCreationsSmallFryCreations as Sasha Blouse

Sometimes very cheeky when it comes to making fun of “Potato Girl”.

(also…PROPS for finding a way to kneel with the 3DMG on! I certainly couldn’t.)

 AoT_HaraHara as Ymir (right) with Krista Lenz

This tender moment made me smile.

AoT_EtoileigeEtoileige as Marco Bott


AoT_MusaMusa as a Titan


AoT_OtinOtin as the Female Titan

This shot captures her so well that it sent chills down my spine!

AoT_skyrapSkyrap as Annie Leonhart

She looks as fierce as an actual lion. The addition of the ring sold me completely.

AoT_homestucker92homestucker92 as the Collosal Titan

Sometimes you just gotta hang up your skin and relax.

AoT_FullVarious members of the Survey Corps

There’s something super awesome about large coordinated cosplay groups.

I honestly could go on and on with all the great cosplay for this series. I suggest putting on the anime’s soundtrack and start browsing for more great Attack on Titan cosplay. Just don’t get eaten alive!

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