INTERVIEW: ‘Wasted’ with Steve Kasan


Zombies have become such a huge part of mainstream media today that I am pretty sure there has been many conversations between friends that led to the question, “What would YOU do during the zombie apocalypse?” 

That is what Wasted is about and we spoke to producer Steve Kasan about the series and the CineCoup challenge that they are currently participating in.

Tell us about Wasted and where did the inspiration for it come from?

Wasted is about a group of friends in their mid 30s struggling in their lives with work, responsibilities and other things out of their control which goes completely out the window when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. When there is no rules, they get Wasted. The story starts with this group having a discussion as to what they would do if a zombie apocalypse were to happen after watching their favourite zombie franchise, Dealing with the Dead, starring their favourite Zombie Killer actress, Lovina.

When they step outside to get something to eat they find a zombie apocalypse has happened. Now they must use their knowledge from video games, comic books, literature, movies, the internet, and life to survive & have high adventures in the waste land.

The inspiration came from that scenario. Prior to writing down a script for Wasted we would get together and talk about what we would do. With our crazy ideas we put it on paper, created a story with characters based on us, and a world which is Scott Pilgrim meets Mad Max.

Here we are trying to get a film made through the Cinecoup challenge at

In your opinion, what would be the best part during a zombie attack… realistically speaking?

The freedom. That is the basis or theme of Wasted is that this is a huge event which resets the world. Our tag line is No Work, No Responsibilities, No Rules. Lets Get Wasted. Which is a fact, sure, there is the threat of zombies and monsters–in our world–but there is nothing to keep us down from being our true selves. No matter how bizarre that might be.

Do you think there is something to be learned from all the zombie television, movies and games out there in order to survive the real impending zombie apocalypse?

That question is a great way in how you can relate to our characters. We acknowledge current Zombie media. We think we are living in Zombie culture. There are so many survival youtube videos, books, even Zombie Survival camps. It is around us which the world of Wasted acknowledges. Most zombie films & TV treat it as a new occurrence I suppose the threat level is increased. Now, our characters might know what to do but that does not mean they do it well. Also, there are bigger threats in our world than zombies. We’ve all played the Resident Evil games even they knew to amp up the threat than just zombies with their monsters.
Yes, there is something to learn and be prepared, but, as the saying goes talk is cheap.

If you could pick one person to fight zombies with, who would it be and why?

Definitely Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is an idol to me personally and getting the chance to kill Zombies with my hero, good lawd almighty!

What is the CineCoup challenge and what do you and your team hope to achieve with it?

Cinecoup is a 12 week initiative/challenge which allows indie filmmakers to put their project up on their hub site which viewers/public/audiences decide which film gets the chance to be made into a film. We are practically building an audience for the film and doing what a major studio does in say 5 months to build buzz to the film release. Here, not only do we put our ideas for our film out, but, there is audience participation. It is a back and forth with the filmmaker and the film watcher.

Weekly Missions are handed out to further expand and explore what our project is and the audience gives feedback. Tell us whther we did well this week, or, not. How can we make our product better. Are we doing a good job or is it just crap.

There are 4 voting periods. The initial Top 60 voting has finished and right now, April 20th to April 24th is the Top 30 voting. May 3rd is the Top 15 voting. Finally the Top 5 and 1 will get chosen to be made into a film.

To vote and participate you have to sign up to the Cinecoup site but if you have a facebook account it is the same deal. Free and the only currency is your participation.

What has been your favorite part of the CineCoup challenges so far?

The best part is that you really work your ass off to get your product out there. I’m sure to anyone reading who has anything they have of their own creative wise, let’s face facts, we have other distractions which make us keep it on the back burner. Here, it is a constant go go go. We have only 12 weeks and a real shot at making a film so no matter what you have around you, those distractions are put on the low and this is high priority. It is stressful as I am working my day job while doing this challenge, but, it doesn’t matter as getting the opportunity to make something really unique and special with Wasted is just too good not to take.

How can people find and vote for you?

The main site where all the action takes place is it is the main hub where all the interaction takes place.

As mentioned before you do have to sign up, BUT, it is free and works very much like Facebook. Sign Up, verify your account through your email as you will be sent a notification email from Cinecoup. Find our project Wasted on the Search Projects bar at the top. On our Wasted page you click FOLLOW so you will be updated via Email of our missions. With our missions give us a Rating out of 5. Make comments, share on Facebook/Twitter, then Vote us in with during the voting periods.

We have made Top 60, now is the Top 30, finally the Top 15 happens in May. We want to go all the way and have the opportunity to make something really special.
Not just the same old Zombie thing, but, something really different and unique where you would say “Yeah, Wasted did some really cool things.”

Our goal is to not make the best film, but, make the most enjoyable & fun film. In order to do that we need votes and support from the public. From you. It is a whole community effort to make a blazing good time at the movies with Wasted.

Toke Up Gun Up.

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