Fanart GLEE: Welcome to Night Vale


Fanart by kinomatika @ Tumblr

Welcome to Night Vale took the podcast medium to a new level. A brilliant level. A creepy but fun level. I’ve only recently became a fan of this series and caught up with all the episodes in a matter of a couple of months (I do a lot of driving…). I love Cecil and the people of Night Vale, their stories and their struggles. Despite being an audio show, the Night Vale fandom is very creative and although I am not sure how the canon of how Cecil and crew look like was establish… it’s neat nonetheless! Which is why I dedicate this Fanart GLEE to you, citizens of Night Vale.


Not sure who did this one… please let me know! But loving these gifs fan art.


Fanart by maxkennedy @ deviantArt


Another unknown artist…

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 1.27.12 PM

Fanart by ket3 @ tumblr


Fanart by pacifistevil @ deviantArt


Fanart by meadowruedraws @ tumblr


Another unknown – please let me know who to credit!


Another unknown.


Fanart by nimsley @ tumblr


Fanart by vtophya @ tumblr

Want to understand what these artwork are all about? Go listen to Welcome to Night Vale now!

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