Awesome Fanfic Monday: Padme and Sabe

For this week’s edition of Fanfic Monday I am featuring a short, but cool story about two female characters I felt were highly underdeveloped in the Star Wars universe; Padmé and Sabé.


The fanfic this week is called Better Problem Solver by ncfan of It’s a short, but cool story about when Padmé and Sabé had a run in with a bounty hunter who had attempted to take Padmé hostage… and it fails miserably.

The reason why I chose this story is because it gives us a side of these two characters I wish we had seen in the Star Wars prequels. I felt that in the movies Padmé had never been fleshed out to her potential and Sabé was a glorified extra. I wanted to know more about them, what their relationship was like (Sabé being her body guard and all), and frankly, who they really were. I especially wanted this with Sabé because think of the stories that character could tell!

Well, for those of you who feel the same way you will especially enjoy Better Problem Solver. You get to see the sides of these characters you don’t see in the movies, a badass side. Sabé is a downright cold blooded killer and I love it. Padmé also shows the kind of spunk I would have liked to have seen in the movies, but did not. She herself is even a bit cold, in her mind lamenting over the kidnapper’s blood getting on her nice carpet. Once again, I love it so much. This is the kind of girl power that would have helped to have made the Star Wars prequels much better.

So, if you want to see these two underdeveloped female characters in a cool sequence that not only gives them character, but character you can get behind and adore, check out Better Problem Solver by ncfan of  

Are there characters in the Star Wars universe you wanted to see more of? Comment below!

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