Awesome Fanfic Monday: Spike x Willow

Welcome to another edition of Awesome Fanfic Monday! This week we are featuring a story about one of my favorite OTPs: Spike and Willow.

Gif by Aikobot of Tumblr
Gif by Aikobot of Tumblr

I ship these two. I ship these two so hard and have done so for years. It all started back when Spike kidnapped Willow so that she would make a love potion for him and Drusilla. They had such awesome chemistry and I just loved the idea of them as a couple, especially knowing how badass of a vampire Willow can be! Ever since then I had a secret wish that they would hook up, but I happily settled for their cool and quirky friendship. The story this week perfectly captures the sweet little bond between the two of them. This week’s featured story is Scout’s Honor by lau85 of 

This story takes place after Willow has sworn off magic and Spike has the chip. Willow is walking through the cemetery and is forced to use magic as a means of self defense against a vampire. Spike finds her, distraught and her life force drained, and takes her into his crypt to allow her to recuperate. What I really like about this story is that the author totally captures their dynamic and the dialogue is on point. A lot of times with fanfiction what is lacking is the characterization, especially when it comes to the dialogue. When I read this I felt like I was watching an actual Buffy episode. Their relationship in this is platonic, but not without humor and just a dash of sweetness. For those of you out there who shipped these two, or if you just enjoyed their unique and odd friendship, you will most definitely enjoy Scout’s Honor by lau85. It captures the characters and expands on a relationship that I wish the show had explored a bit more.

What are some OTPs you wish had been explored more? Comment below!

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