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pouch,small,1080x-pad,1400x1000,f8f8f8.u2 has been making the rounds on my social media lately and I was thrilled when they offered to send me one of their products to review for Defective Geeks! Ladies and gents — this is the amazing Space Cat pouch.

First off, Redbubble carries plenty of different products and on their website, they rightfully proclaim that they are “simply the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace on the interlink.”

A quick browse through their website prove that they do have plenty of unique products including these adorable Space Unicorn leggings!  Definitely contemplating adding these unicorns to my growing leggings collections…

The Space Cat pouch is $22 but as you can see, it’s a hefty size pouch… this ain’t no weenie-mini-pouch, people. This is legit space cat shenanigans.


I immediately imagined that this would make a great make-up bag. It can be used as a travel bag. You can use it to hold your art supplies and a sketchbook. Your tablet can easily fit in this,along with your every day essentials, and you can carry it around like a purse. Or even put a tiny kitten in there… but please don’t try to put the kitten in outer space.

This pouch is made of high quality material and the print is wonderful on fabric. You can even get the matching Space Cat leggings!

The Space Cat is part of their current Geek Nouveau collection, by artist Ruta Dumalakaite who has an amazing collection of artwork featured on the website.

Redbubble’s clothing and accessories will appeal not only to the self-proclaimed geek chic fashionistas but for people who love fun and amazing art.


Visit them now at!

Thank you, Redbubble, for showing Defective Geeks some love!

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