Fanart GLEE: Supernatural


Fanart by yesi-v224 on deviantart (account deactivated x_x)

Currently, my brain is filled with nothing but San Diego Comic-con planning and I failed to brainstorm for this edition of Fanart GLEE — yes, people, I do think about my blog posts usually. I decided to fall on a default fandom. My love that is Supernatural. It seems like an easy road, but let me tell you. . . the Supernatural fandom is robust and it’s huge. Narrowing down artwork from Tumblr is hard. Supernatural fans are so freaking talented, that I can’t even…

I survived the long search though. Check out these great works of art!

tumblr_n70q7hy8BX1qc2498o1_500Fanart by melliferae @ tumblr


Fanart by my-wayward-son-carry-on @ tumblr


fanart by chunkmacaroni @ deviantart


fanart by artsydenise @ tumblr

When there is fanart of the boys as little boys, it is referred to as Weechesters. D’AWWW!


fanart by fassyhiddles @ tumblr 

The artist captioned this with: To all the people who touched Dean Winchester in some way or another.

I am DEAD.


fanart by radicastiel @ tumblr

I could probably dedicate an entire blog on Castiel fanart alone.


fanart by blakravell @ deviantart

I thought this digital painting was too amazing to not include in here!


Fanart by my-wayward-son-carry-on @ tumblr


fanart by gregory-welter @ deviantart

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