Awesome Fanfic Monday: Independence Day x Doctor Who

That’s right, kids, it’s time for another edition of Fanfic Monday!

Since last weekend was the 4th of July I thought what better way to start off the week than with an Independence Day fanfic? I mean, doing that is super duper patriotic, amirite?? Anyway, I stumbled across a fanfic that also happens to crossover with Doctor Who. I guess I accidentally just undid the patriotism since Doctor Who is a UK show. Whoops. Sorry, ‘Muricah.

5 Independence Day Meme

The fanfic this week is called “Of Time Lords, Independence, and Presidents” and is by Ford.Ye.Fiji of This is a short, but sweet story that any fan of these two differences franchises will enjoy. It takes place during the scene in Independence Day that makes all of us shed a tear, the scene when President Roslin, I mean, First Lady Marilyn Whitmore is dying. In the fanfiction though someone shows up to intervene and it’s none other than the 11th Doctor. Since it’s not a fixed point in time (what follows the next day is) he’s able to make things a little better.

The reason why I picked this fanfiction is because, for one, I am a sucker for crossovers and I love seeing how people can in a creative way combine two fictional universes. Ford.Ye.Fiji did a great job of this and also captured the personality of the 11th Doctor very well. They also made sure to include some aspects of the Doctor Who universe which I thought was really awesome. My only complain about this fic? Where the hell was Goldblum??? Mind you, that’s my complaint about 99.9% of the media, so there you go.

What are some of your favorite crossovers? Which stories would Goldblum’s presence had improved the most? Let us know below!

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Written by Gizzy B