SDCC 2015: DragonballZ Won’t Settle for Anything Under 9000, You Guys

One of the most prominent anime series in the minds of US otaku is definitely, totally, and probably always will be, DRAGONBALLZ. One of the longest running series in all of nerd-dom, it continues to reinvent itself only just enough so that it tickles our nostalgia, making us nod knowingly about leveling up, or talking about going Super Saiyan.

At San Diego Comic-Con, we were pleased to see the franchise represented in the most kick ass way possible, as Funimation rolls out one after another super fun, fan-focused promotion for their upcoming August release of the English dub of DragonballZ: Resurrection ‘F’.

Nestled on a balcony of Conival’s huge event held in Petco Park during SDCC, the DragonballZ crew went all out to test fans’ power levels to see if they could join Frieza’s army in an event called “FRIEZA FORCE: GALACTIC ARMY BOOTCAMP!” Costumed actors yelled out to passerby to recruit them to the army and test their skills!

Check out this video of one of the most unique and fun marketing experiences set up at SDCC.



Energy was tested by having fans open and close their hands over a sensor, directing blasts of energy through obstacles on a screen, while agility was measured by using the sensor to direct a ball through a course with a bunch of crevices and traps. Telekinesis and laser beams with the power of technology! The best part was punching a bag that measured our strength. I seriously patted myself on the back like an idiot for my strong punch, haha. Thank you, stupid kickboxing classes.



That’s not all! Funimation pulled out all the stops to give fans a DragonballZ experience outside of the con, with a 3-night long party (Party Tiger Approves) at Whiskey Girl, where they transformed the space into an otaku’s dream lair, with themed drinks and free DragonballZ glasses, raffles, airbrush tattoos, orange Dragonballs decorating the ceiling, THEMED BEER PONG (what!!) and…. a station where you could ARM WRESTLE GOKU. That, right there, is what makes an average marketing party jump right off the charts for me. Incredible. The fact that they tossed out lowing Dragonballs to the crowd every hour only added to the awesomeness!

DSC00466 (531x800)

DSC00478 (800x531)

DSC00481 (800x531)

DSC00472 (800x531)

DSC00471 (800x531)

DSC00468 (800x531)


DSC00465 (531x800)

DSC00463 (800x531)

DSC00497 (800x531)

DSC00495 (531x800)

DSC00493 (800x531)

DSC00491 (800x531)

IMG_20150711_210606 (600x800)

DSC00485 (800x531)

DSC00483 (531x800)


Thanks again to Funimation for the awesome time! DragonballZ: Resurrection ‘F’ will have a limited theatrical release from August 4-12th in select cities! Info here! 

Stay tuned for more of our SDCC coverage coming soon!



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