Awesome Fanfic Monday: Luke and Vader

Welcome to another edition of Awesome Fanfic Monday!

I love it when someone takes an iconic scene and puts a twist on it. These scenes are so engrained in our memories and a huge part of our pop culture lexicon that, at least for me, it’s always fun to see them a teased a bit. This week I picked a story that is a twist on one of the most famous cinematic scenes ever; when Darth Vader declares that he IS the father (without being pressured by┬áMaury, what a guy).


This week’s story is Help Wanted by MegumiFuu of

MegumiFuu has an alternate take on how the conversation between Darth Vader and Luke proceeds after Darth declares he is the daddy. In this version Luke has some questions to ask before making his decision to join the Empire. They are totally valid questions, for instance, will the Empire provide benefits? Is dental covered? And what kind of life insurance policies are we talking here?

What makes this story so much fun is that in the battle between good and evil it doesn’t occur to us that we need to take care of ourselves and make sure that our employer is providing all the proper benefits. “Help Wanted” combines the everyday mundane with an epic scene and the result is really funny. MegumiFuu did a great job of turning an iconic and heart wrenching scene into one that makes you laugh.

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