Fanart GLEE: Once Upon A Time


Fanart by ThatMadGray @ deviantart

I have a not-so-secret joy these past television seasons that comes from looking forward to new episodes of Once Upon A Time. This season started out pretty crazy and I freakin’ love it so much already. All you Oncers know what I’m talkin’ about, but I will not spoil it for anyone else! This series is teeming with so many amazing characters so this collection of fanart will be a little bit all over the place, but I wanted to show my appreciation for the new season… plus, it is kind of hard to pick a favorite character. I am Team Emma x Regina forever though.


fanart by luludrawsouat @ tumblr

This artist has tons of amazing fanart on her tumblr account. Here’s another one of my favorites of Mulan and Aurora.



fanart by TaijaVigilia @ deviantart


fanart by daekazu @ deviantart 


fanart by piddydood @ tumblr

One of the best things about OUAT is how they portrayed my girl, Mulan. I hope they bring her back!


Artist unknown.

Regina’s character arc/storyline in the show is the best. I love her.


fanart by ThatMadGray @ deviantart

The show is all about women, it’s pretty great. It focuses a lot on their strength and weaknesses, their relationships and their decisions. I love that the spotlight is on them for pretty much 80-90% of the show!


fanart by daekazu @ deviantart

Even the female villains that you just spend the year hating… will surprise you by garnering your sympathy. Zelena started out as the worst villain and now she has the potential to be the greatest.

tumblr_mj3u4n6sNs1rel3oho1_540 tumblr_mw82i8UruR1rel3oho1_540 tumblr_mj9xnpEni81rel3oho1_1280

fanart by adamosgood @ tumblr

This artist creates amazing portraits, click the link to check out all his OUAT illustrations!


fanart by ehryel @ deviantart


fanart by lehanan @ deviantart

Take a shot every time someone’s heart gets ripped out of their chest…


fanart by riotpilot @ deviantart

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