Fanart GLEE: Daryl Dixon



fanart by seimpako @ deviantart

The truth is, I haven’t seen a more dedicated fandom than the one for Daryl Dixon. You know, that guy from The Walking Dead television series that all fangirls and fanboys are a little nutty over.  I recently just finished a marathon of season 5 of the show and got quite a healthy Norman Reedus dosage while watching the episodes back to back. Which is why this week’s Fanart GLEE is dedicated to Daryl, the most beloved zombie-killer across the nation.


fanart by lesthat @ deviantart


fanart by pungang @ devianart


fanart by demachic @ deviantart


fanart by amielkevin @ tumblr


fanart by nandomendonssa @ deviantart

You know, an animated version of The Walking Dead would be kind of really amazing! I like the dead squirrel in this one, especially. What if there are animated shorts of Daryl vs. Squirrel? Kind of in the style of the Coyote and Roadrunner Looney Tunes shorts…


fanart by sairobi @ deviantart


fanart by creepy9 @ deviantart


fanart by emorenji @ deviantart


fanart by spencerplatt @ deviantart


fanart by cthulu-great @ deviantnart

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