Awesome Fanfic Monday: The Beginnings of Sith Luke

Hello, kiddies, and welcome to Awesome Fanfic Monday!

With all the hullabaloo with Star Wars I figured I would look for a neat Star Wars Fanfic, particularly one with “Dark Luke”, AKA Luke as a Sith. There are so many rumors going around with what to expect from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and one of those rumors is Luke turning to the Dark Side. I thought, why not look up a fic that features Dark Luke?


This story features an AU as to how that transition could begin, starting with good ol’ Anakin. This week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday is dedicated to Alternate Ending by ObiWriter341 of 

This is a short, but cool little fic. Sometimes I have an issue with Alternate Universe, aka “AU” stories, because they have the characters making choices that they would not make (obviously, cause it’s AU). I like this AU because it is circumstance, not character choices, that are different. In this story Anakin has been captured after the attempt to execute Order 66 and after the murder of the younglings. He sticks to his Sith guns and is executed because of his actions, by Obi Wan.

Now, as we all know, just because you get killed in Star Wars does not necessarily mean that your character is gone. Ghostly Anakin, or in this case ghostly Vader, decides to make a visit to a certain son of his and does a little sweet talking.

I like this story because it shows a pretty plausible way that Luke would potentially turn to the dark side. My only complaint is that it is so short! I want more! I would like to know more of this relationship between ghostly Vader and Sith Luke. Help me, ObiWriter341, you’re my only hope!

What are some of your favorite AU scenarios? Let us know below!

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