Awesome Fanfic Monday: Batman and Robin… and the Titanic

Welcome to another chapter of Awesome Fanfic Monday!

As you all know I love my crossovers and I love my parodies. Naturally when I find a fanfic that is both a crossover AND a parody, well, I am just tickled. This fanfic is a personal favorite of mine that I reread every once in a while because it is just delightful. The author combines one of the most well received movies of all time, Titanic, with one of the most infamous and criticized pieces of celluloid ever, Batman and Robin. What do these two movies make when combined? Absolute gold.

I don't know who made this, but it's amazing
I don’t know who made this, but it’s amazing. 

Batman and Robin on Titanic by Bohemian Anne of is hilarious. The characters Jack and Rose are a part of the story and the author finds amusing ways to incorporate them with Batman shenanigans. For instance, Batman keeps confusing Rose for Poison Ivy and Robin is just so smitten with her. This story also reveals the real reason as to why the Titanic sank and let’s just say that Mr. Freeze absolutely has something to do with it.

The story is written in script form, so it reads very easily. Bohemian Anne does a great job of combining the two fictional worlds is a very charming way that will definitely give you a good laugh. If you want a good chuckle from a well written story then definitely check out Batman and Robin on Titanic. 

How many times have you watched Batman and Robin? Come on, you can tell us. Let us know in the comments below!

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