Riverdale: Elevating Archie’s Teen Angst


The Archie comics were a huge part of my comic book reading days of my childhood. I was thrilled when The CW announced that Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Arrow) was developing a new series based on Archie called Riverdale. I had been waiting for this very moment. A live-action Archie television show! Jughead will be coming to life! Ahhh, I love Jughead so much!

I watched the pilot episode during preview night at San Diego Comic Con 2016 and although I am probably bias because I love all things from The CW, I thought this spin on Archie was interesting and looked really cool.  I do have issues with some of the plot points, which I won’t discuss because of spoilers but I love the mood of the show and how each characters were portrayed. I am 100% in-love the series.

The show pushes the characters into a much more “modern” setting, which means we are losing a lot of the naive, innocence of the original Archie comic books. Still, I thought the show did an incredible job keeping the essence of each character. I sat in Ballroom 20 thinking: THAT is Archie. THAT is definitely Betty and Veronica. Man, Reggie is such a jerk!


My highlights from the pilot episode:

  • Betty and Veronica start out as friends, despite their difference. Veronica becomes Betty’s ally and protector in the first episode. Of course, knowing The CW, all the drama will happen and they will probably go through the perils of being teenagers ala Blair/Serena style. I would love to see their roles flip-flop as Betty start to grow up and stand on her own. Girl friendship can get very complicated especially if there’s a super cute boy involved… and oh boy, KJ Apa’s Archie sure is cute.
  • Kevin is part of the show and gives this small town a fun flavor. Looking forward to how his character will be developed for the show. Hopefully he won’t just be the “gay BFF”— which as Cheryl Blossom pointed out: is that still thing?
  • Josie and the Pussycats! Josie doesn’t take any sh*t from any one and I am all about it. She tells poor Archie off right away and I loved every second of it. Let’s face it, Archie’s all-American-boy act can be slightly irritating, right? Although his puppy face was kind of sad…
  • Veronica arrives in Riverdale with her mother, Hermione Lodge, instead of the usual irate Mr. Lodge. Comic book readers never got to know Veronica’s mom and has always portrayed her as “Daddy’s Little Girl.” It will be interesting to see the mother-daughter dynamic especially since Hermione has a history with the town and Archie’s dad, Mr. Andrews (played by Luke Perry!).
  • Cheryl Blossom is a straight up Queen B*tch and it’s absolutely delicious. Madeleine Petsch portrayal of the character is amazing.
  • I can not wait to see more of Jughead in the series, because let’s face it… I am Team Jughead forever.

When I asked actor, Cole Sprouse, if Jughead will be eating a lot of hamburgers during the show, he said to keep an eye out because Jughead will more than likely be sitting with a plate of food for most of his scenes.

There is going to be a very interesting exploration of not just the young characters but the parents themselves. Honestly, at my age, I sometimes get a lot of more invested in the parents’ drama in these shows. The series is set to premiere mid-season which means not until next year… TEARS. I think it will be worth the wait because I can not wait to watch more of this show.










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