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Tamsen McDonough currently plays Lucy, the most cheeky AI spaceship in the galaxy, in SyFy’s KILLJOYS. She brings in a lot of fun to the show, keeping things spicy for the main characters (and maybe a little weird sometimes, check out the episode ‘I Love Lucy’…). Get to know her in our interview below! She is hilarious, dorable and apparently, has a thing for egging things.

Tell us about your current show, KILLJOYS and your character, Lucy.

The Killjoys is a comedic and dramatic action TV series set in space. It follows a trio of bounty hunters, known as Killjoys, who chase deadly warrants through the Quad, a distant area that is near the start of a violent class war among multiple planets. And their mode of transportation is the sleek and sassy AI spaceship, Lucy. She’s been called the fouth Killjoy and loves her humans… no bias but I think she’s amazing!

What was the process of finding Lucy’s “personality” and giving an AI human qualities? What is the best part about the role?

On my first recording session Michelle Lovretta, a group of producers, writers and other clever types gathered to work with me on the character. I had a character description, a bit of a backstory and then my own ideas about the character. The brainstorming session then morphed into the recording session, et voila – Lucy! I love brainstorming and experimenting so it was pretty incredible for me…

For me, I think the most fun about playing Lucy is being able to be so blunt. It would be very freeing to not worry about the consequences of playing obvious favourites or saying exactly what I’m thinking or feeling.

If Lucy meets a blue fairy who turns her into a real human being, what do you think she would do first? (Besides try to marry John!)

Other than have sex with (first things first) and then marry John, I think Lucy would want to experience as many of the senses she couldn’t before: eat and smell food, touch everything and be touched, and feel the rushes of feelings and sensations like happiness, pleasure, adrenaline, pain, etc.

What can you tell us about what is upcoming for KILLJOYS? Do you have a wish for Lucy’s story line in the future? 

Unfortunately, upon pain of having all my shoes taken away, I can’t tell you what’s coming up. But I can tell you that the season finale is pretty outstanding. I can’t wait to see it with all the fans and hear what they have to say.

I would love to see Lucy get a little aggressive, take charge a bit. Maybe go rogue on some bad guys. I think she has some pretttty cool weapons in her arsenal that we haven’t seen yet.

Do you think you’d make a good space bounty hunter?

What would the outfit look like? Boba Fett with a better hat and less green? Then I’d be great! Very bounty hunter chic. Oh, you mean, good at BEING a bounty hunter… hmmm. I think I’d be good being less hands (fists) on than the badass Killjoys but more gadget-y. Perhaps a Killjoys/James Bond hybrid.

What other projects are you working on?

We’re currently in post-production on our pilot for a comedic web series about modern “manners”. It’s very silly but with a thread of truth throughout each episode. A bit of Seinfeld meets Best in Show for tone.

If you could have superpowers, which power would you choose and would you use it for good or evil?

Ooooh, I’m terribly greedy and there’s tons that I would looove, but I think the best one for me would be the ability to fly. I love flying and it would really cut down on my commutes, though I would have to watch out for bugs… I have already swallowed more than my fair share. I suppose I could use it for good, egging the highrise windows of jerk businesses that didn’t turn out their lights at night for the birds. Orrr, a little bit of evil by doing a flyby egging of people I don’t like while they’re walking around. I’m sensing an egg theme, I think I’m craving quiche.

Lucy_with HT

Check out the KILLJOYS on SyFy.


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