Independence Day: Resurgence


On July 3, 1996, the most glorious alien-invasion movie hit the theaters and we forever knew: Independence Day. Will Smith was at the top of his game. Vivica A. Fox managed to keep her son AND her giant golden labrador alive. Bill Pullman was the best President of the United States (ever) with the best motivational-lets-go-die-in-war speech (ever). Jeff Goldblum, once again, just charmed the pants off everyone.

Twenty years later, we got a sequel with Independence Day: Resurgence. Pullman and Goldblum returned, joined by new cast members, including Liam Hemsworth, Jessie T. Usher (who played a grown-up Dylan) and Maika Monroe (who played a grown-up Patricia, President Whitmore’s daughter from the first film). Although, the actor who stole the show was Brent Spiner, who returned to reprise his role as Dr. Brakish Okun.

You may remember him as this guy from the first movie.


After his unfortunate getting turned into a puppet incident in 1996, he was in a coma and conveniently woke up by the time the aliens returned in 2016!  This turned out to be Spiner’s chance to shine, he was not just a comedy relief but a key character to the plot. He was the most fun to watch on screen.

There is a certain campy flavor to the sequel, but if you’re a fan— you were either disappointed by Resurgence or you were tickled by the nostalgia that it played to. This movie showed us the aftermath of an Earth that survived a devastating alien invasion. David Levinson (Goldblum) dedicated the 20 years in studying the alien technology in order to advance human technology. Of course, even after all of that preparation… we were still not a match for the aliens who came back with even bigger, badder weaponry and a taste for vengeance. Once again, the human race was heading towards extinction.


Unfortunately, the movie didn’t use Levinson (Goldblum) as much as I thought they would and focused more on the relationship of the three younger characters, which to me fell a little flat. They were likable enough but certainly did not stand out like the original cast from the first movie. Jake (Hemsworth) was written to be a kind of sequel to Will Smith’s character, but he didn’t quite live up to Captain Steven Hiller. Dylan and Patricia were both pretty forgettable as well and their interactions felt shallow despite establishing the fact that the three were childhood best friends. I would have rather seen Levinson in the forefront and have these new characters complement him.

Overall, Resurgence was fun as a monster-alien movie. We get to watch the gigantic, alien queen romp around Earth for a bit while also meeting a benign alien that further opens up the Independence Day mythology. Worth the watch for a good time!

The movie is now available on Digital HD and will be available on 4K Ultra HD Disc, 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD October 18 (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment).

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