Animaniacs Live! @ The La Mirada Theatre

I am never more happy than when I am basking in my Animaniacs nostalgia.

When I found out that Rob Paulsen (Yakko) and music writer, Randy Rogel, teamed up to put together a full, live orchestra concert to perform songs from the show live on stage… I had to be there. The show, as expected, was absolutely FABOO!

I was so happy to see Tress MacNeille (Dot) and Jess Harnell (Wakko) perform as their wacky, Warner Brother and Sister counterparts. MacNeille sang Dot’s famous solo, “I’m Cute” while Harnell happily sang “Wakko’s State and Capitals.” He even called out the people who passed their geography test by memorizing this song in particular (I was one of those people).

Of course, Paulsen performed “Yakko’s World” and as a treat, Rogel wrote a new verse to the song that acknowledged new, modern countries that did not exist in the 90s. Without missing a beat, Paulsen performed the new verse flawlessly.

My favorite moment is when all three actors sang “I’m Mad” which was incredibly impressive on Paulsen’s part since he had to sing as both Yakko and Dr. Scratchnsniff. I love that song!

Rogel performed an earlier version of  “LA Dot” before he had to revise it into the final song we know from the show.

The actors and Rogel were hilarious on stage and their banter was so reminiscent of the writing on Animaniacs. They had so many great stories about how the show was made. It made my heart a-flutter and I cried from laughter. A funny moment was when Paulsen cried about how Rogel had to go to a physical library in order to research the history of the spice trade for a song. Ahhh… the 90s! Pre-Wikipedia days!

Harnell stole the show with his outfit changes every time he came on stage. The man has a flare for shiny coats and pants, I tell you.

The concert itself lasted for about an hour and a half (not counting the intermission) and I really wished they would have performed all night long because there were so many songs I wanted to hear. They had a Q&A session afterwards and it was so much fun for them to answer fan questions and interact. Tom Ruegger, the creator of the show, was even in the audience and I wished he had gone on stage to participate in answering questions!

Still, it was a magical night for this Animaniacs fangirl.

We know this isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed the actors reunite on stage, but it makes me feel so giddy every time. I don’t think I will ever not feel excited whenever I hear their voices. Maybe one day I won’t be a blubbering mess and I will articulate how much they mean to me.

Or maybe I’ll just mime it to them.

Here’s a little taste from the concert. I didn’t record a lot of videos because I wanted to present in the moment (yup.. that’s how much I love the Animaniacs), but I did want to grab a clip of them singing the theme song for prosperity.

If that didn’t make you happy, then you have no heart, sir!… or you were too young to appreciate the show. If so, go to Netflix. Watch it. Watch it now and get zany to the max.


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