INTERVIEW: Risa Stone on Creating and Starring in the Thriller Film ‘Man Eater’

Risa Stone explores the fears and doubts most have when it comes to meeting strangers through dating apps with her short film, Man Eater. What would you do when your dream man or woman becomes your worst nightmare? Man Eater will premiere on October 15th 2017 at the 2017 ReelWorld Film Festival as part of the ACTRA Shorts Program. Find out more from Risa below!

Thanks for doing this interview with us, Risa! Can you tell us about yourself and how you got started acting?

Thank you for interviewing me! Some people, mainly my parents, would say that I started acting as soon as I was old enough to engage, so let’s call it age three. As a child, I was always putting on some kind of home-show but I would have to say that my acting career got “serious” over the last six years when I started actively working in commercials, film and TV.

What is Man Eater about? Can you tell us about the character you are playing?

Man Eater is a commentary on the Millennial generation and their relationship with social apps. I play the lead role, Hayley, whose character was written to showcase this relationship and therefore really expresses the truth of modern day dating.

How do you think the audience— especially the generation using dating apps— will react to Man Eater? Do you think they’ll find the risks of meeting strangers on apps relatable and frightening?

Prior to writing Man Eater I tested the different reactions that people had to the story. I would go to parties and casually tell the story to see what kind of responses I would get. The reactions were very strong. I really hadn’t been able to affect my peers in such an intense way before and in identifying that, I knew that I had to make this movie. I definitely think that people are going to stop and think a minute about online dating after seeing the film.

What inspired you to pursue a career in acting? What has been the most rewarding part and what has been the biggest challenge for you?

I always thought of myself as an actor, it’s how I identify. I thought about pursuing other careers but there was always this element of FOMO when I thought of stepping away from acting. For me, there is nothing more inspiring then reading new scripts and playing new roles. The most rewarding part is seeing how far I’ve come and the biggest challenge is remembering how far I’ve come.

Can you tell us about your other upcoming projects, including the feature film Space & Time?

I have some projects of my own in development and I am also attached to a few other great projects that are in pre-production. Right now, I am really excited about Space & Time. It’s a feature film that I shot last year and it will be making its world premiere this month at the 2017 Austin Film Festival. I’ll be traveling down to Austin with some of the team and I am really looking forward to it.

If you were given unlimited budget for your own project right now, what would you create for yourself? What is your dream project?

Great question! If I had an unlimited budget right now I would invest further in the scripts that I am already developing as well as reach out to some amazing people that I have always wanted to collaborate with.

My dream project right now is something that is in development. I can’t really talk about it yet, but I am attached to it and it’s kind of like, Blue Jasmine meets HBO’s Girls.

Say you woke up one day with a super power, what would it be and will you use it for evil or good?

I would definitely want the ability to fly and I would only use it for good!

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