INTERVIEW: Megan Hutchings Stars in BET’s ‘In Contempt’ and Finding Confidence in Herself

Megan Hutchings plays the daring and seductive lawyer in the show, In Contempt. Megan began her journey into acting at age 18 and have already landed roles in shows such as Beauty and the Beast (The CW), The Smart Woman’s Survival Guide (W Network), Reign (The CW) and The Good Witch (Hallmark Channel). Find out more about her career in the interview below!

Tell us about your upcoming show, In Contempt, and your character, Tracy Campbell. What do you love best about Tracy?

In Contempt is a really entertaining show filled with all the drama of love, relationships, broken friendships, rivalries, etc. that audiences crave but it also focuses on some real, complicated issues that our world is dealing with today. As public defenders we’re dealing with people who are often suppressed because of the colour of their skin, poverty, mental illnesses and other issues.

We have all the drama of our personal and work lives but we’re also making a statement with our courtroom proceedings and how unjust our clients are often treated. Tracy is the ‘seductress’ of show. She’s a sassy, sexy lawyer from the South who breaks the rules, uses sex and her beauty to her advantage and isn’t scared to cross the line. What I love most about her is that underneath all this sexiness and carefree persona is a deeply wounded and complicated heart. She’s very human.

How do you feel Tracy will develop as a character and what are you most excited about? Do you think she will be shaking things up for the main character, Gwen?

I think Tracy has a lot to share about her past and what brought her to where she is today. I’m excited to see what Terri Kopp has in store for her. Terri is such a talented, creative writer she I’m sure Tracy’s story could get pretty exciting! I think anything is possible to Tracy.

You’ve been in so many different genres of television series— from dramas like Reign to comedies like Crawford. What has been the most challenging for you as an actress? What has been the best part about it?

I think no matter the genre the most challenging for me is just finding the confidence in myself no matter what world I’m jumping into. I often second guess or doubt my choices or even if I deserve to be there (which I think most artists do) so it’s a constant battle of just believing in myself and owning the space. The best part is collaborating with such cool, talented people. I’ve met so many awesome artists, crew members, teachers and so on! I’m really lucky to have such a supportive team who always makes me feel special.

Tell us more about Crawford, it sounds pretty hilarious! Is it a fun show to be in?

Crawford was SO fun to be in! Mike Clattenburg is so free with his creativity. He encouraged us to play, play, play! Nothing was too weird or out of bounds. It never felt like work being on that set. Jill Hennessy is so wonderful and fun to be around. She’s a cool chick and the whole experience was just so positive.

How did you get started in acting? What made you realize you wanted to pursue it and who has been your inspiration?

Acting was something I was always interested in before I even really knew what that meant. My dad says I was always asking for an agent even though neither of us knew what that was haha! I always felt a little out of place in school and once I found drama class my world made a little more sense. From there I took some classes, got representation and just got myself out there (with the help of many!). There’s many actresses who have inspired me. I love watching the Actresses Roundtable and hearing the stories and struggles of the actresses I admire most. I’d love to have a career like Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams or Jessica Chastain.

Do you have a dream role you would like to play one day on screen? What do you hope for in the future of your career as an actress?

I’d really love to play something really raw and gritty. Maybe a drug addict like Abbie Cornish in Candy or something like Charlize in Monster. I hope to be part of really cool, creative projects that audiences love. The dream it go to the top – wherever that is!

Thank you so much for answering our questions, Megan. One last one: if you were to star in a superhero movie, what kind of character would you like to play and what kind of superpowers do you want to have?

Thank you! Hmmmm… that is tough. I would just like to be a badass! Maybe the villain.

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