INTERVIEW: Award-Winning Singer & Songwriter, Bree Taylor, Talks about Her New Single ‘You Played It All’

Using a catchy dance beat, Bree Taylor’s new song, You Played It All, is about dating and relationships in today’s modern world and was inspired from Bree’s personal experience. She spoke to Defective Geeks about her rise as a musician, what it meant to overcome negativity in her life and embracing her passion with 100% confidence. Read more about her journey and her new song below!

Bree Taylor’s new single, You Played It All, from her first EP Unbreakable is out now, available on Spotify, iTunes and GooglePlay.

Hello, Bree! Thank you for taking the time and answering my questions. First of all, how long have you been singing and what has it been like pursuing music as a career? Who are your personal inspirations?

I have been singing since I was a kid. I always loved singing, writing and being creative and I was always surrounded by music growing up so wanting this as a career has always been on my mind and in my heart– it just took me a long time to really get the confidence to go after it. I was a very shy and introverted kid because of bullying in school which was the opposite of who I was at heart. I felt like I had to suppress myself. I was told I wasn’t good enough and couldn’t sing and it discouraged me from performing and affected me in having that confidence to pursue it as a career. It took me growing as a person and going through life events to really set me back on this path and realize that this is my purpose and what I am meant to do. I owe a lot of it to my relationship with God. I truly feel that this is my God given purpose and when I trust and have faith, I find that that is when magic happens with my music.

My personal inspirations would be Taylor Swift, P!nk and Carrie Underwood (to name just a few). I love them and the careers they have built, the integrity they have and that they are such strong and powerful women in the music industry. I aspire to be that kind of business woman, performer and positive influence in the music world. I aim to use my music as a platform for change and positivity and love other talented people who use their talents to do the same.

What has it been like discovering your own style of music and singing? Do you feel you will continue to evolve in the future? Is there a particular genre you would want to pursue one day?

It has been such an exciting journey discovering my music and capabilities as a singer. I feel I am always growing, changing and evolving as an artist and that I will continue to do so into my career. Everything I go through influences me creatively and I am constantly exploring new things with my sound and I can’t wait to see where my music takes me next. I have always had a huge love of country music and am excited get my into that genre with my future music!

Tell us about your brand new single, “You Played It All,” which I know is based on your own personal, real-life experience. What is your process like and how does it feel to share something so emotional with the world?

My process to songwriting is exactly that– taking a real life experience or emotion, may it be something that happened to me, affected me or made me feel some kind of way. I take that and I decide what I want to say about it through a song. I start writing lyrics and pour my heart into it, sometimes sitting at my piano or picking up my guitar or often times just on my own with pen and paper. I am a storyteller with my music so sharing personal stories and emotions is second nature to me. It feels very liberating to be able to share my heart and soul through my music! I absolutely love that I get to do this and expose myself in such ways lyrically is very therapeutic actually. I love that through making myself vulnerable I am able to connect with people through my music. If my song can get someone through something that they are going through the way music did for me, is so incredibly rewarding.

What is the best part about seeing people experience your music in person when you are performing on stage?

The best part about interacting with people at a show is getting to see them react to my music and enjoy it either by dancing or singing along. I love being able to share stories on stage between songs and interact with people during and after a show. Recently, a couple at a show told me that my song The Feeling was their song and they would listen to it together and it expressed how they felt about being together and hearing that was so surreal! It made me feel so happy knowing that something I felt and then created could be that for someone else. I love hearing from people what one of my song’s means to them or what it has got them through or represents for them in their lives. I grew up with so many musicians doing that for me with their music, it just feels so full circle when I hear those kinds of stories.

When it comes to music, what has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a creative that you wished someone has told you when you first started? What has been the most rewarding experience for you?

The biggest lesson I have learned as a creative is the importance of just writing what I feel, speaking my truth, singing my heart out and not caring about what people think. I wish i had known that when I was younger and just started performing more and pursuing music without fear. Speaking your truth is SO important especially in your music and it is something I wish I had learned earlier on in my life.

Trusting myself is also something I wish I had learned earlier on in my career because figuring that out has been such a liberating thing and has shown me that I move more people and can cause more change in doing so. Trusting yourself, being yourself and speaking your mind is so important in life and I neglected that for so long but the more I do those things the more I find I am successful in my career.

The most rewarding experience has been telling my story and being able to impact people with it. The things I have endured as an artist not only with my career and personal life but with battling depression and anxiety are things that people connect to and can relate to which makes my impact all the greater and makes creating music a great way to do that.

Do you have any other creative dreams or endeavors you are currently pursuing right now?

I have a planner sticker shop on where I design and create custom stickers for life planners. I am super organized and have always loved stickers so this combined my love of designing and being creative and organized. I do custom orders for people and I am always working on new designs for my shop. I find it to be very relaxing and a good side income to help fund my music.

Name your top three favorite singers and songs at the moment.

1. Halsey and her newest song “Without Me”.
2. Taylor Swift and her song “Dress” from her “Reputation” album.
3. Gavin James and his song “Always”.

Now for the most important question: if you could have one super power, what will it be and why?

If I could have one super power it would be the ability to teleport. I hate commuting and I am such an impatient person that being able to teleport at will would save me so much and let me visit many friends and family members without the lengthy travel time and conditions!

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