INTERVIEW: Sarah Abbott Stars in Lifetime’s Mommy’s Little Princess

Sarah Abbott is a young and rising star who will be starring in Lifetime’s television-movie, Mommy’s Little Princess, which will air on March 17th. She can also be seen in Netflix’s Black Mirror and the upcoming vampire series, V-Wars, alongside Ian Somerhalder. Get to know her below!

Hi Sarah! Thank you for doing this interview with us. You’ve had such a very full career at such a young age already! Tell us how you got into acting and who or what inspired you to pursue this creative journey?

When I was younger, I loved Disney channel and it sparked my interest in acting. My mom then spotted an ad in our local newspaper saying an agency was holding open call auditions. My parents and I discussed it and we decided it was worth a try. A short amount time later, I was signed with the agency! My first jobs were commercials, but I built my way up to bigger roles from there. 

Arkangel was such a heavy and telling Black Mirror episode. What was it like being a part of it and working with Jodie Foster as the director?

I found the plot of Arkangel very interesting because the writers had an interesting take on technology. Working with Jodie Foster was an amazing experience! She was very kind and she took the time to explain how she wanted me to perform my scenes. I had a lot of fun working on Black Mirror.

How do you deal with such a heavy script and how do you prepare for a role like that?

After having a couple deep roles, I learned that the script is just a part of the movie and isn’t real. I prepare by memorizing my lines first, and then I put myself in my character’s place and start thinking as if I was that character. 

Speaking of, tell us about your upcoming Lifetime movie, Mommy’s Little Princess. What was it like playing a character like Lizzy?

I found it very exciting to play a character like Lizzy. Lizzy is a young girl that had a very troubled childhood until she gets adopted by her new mom, Juliana. Juliana decides to get Lizzy a DNA test to find out about her biological family’s history. The results said that Lizzy is related to a royal family in Germany. Lizzy then becomes obsessed with wanting to become a part of the royal family. Filming on Mommy’s Little Princess was a great experience for me because I had never played a role similar to Lizzy before. It was exciting to perform many scenes that had a lot of emotion. 

What has been the most memorable time of your acting adventures so far?

The most memorable time of my acting career was traveling to New York City for the premiere of my first feature film, Lavender. When I first arrived in New York, I was a little nervous but not too long after, I was very excited. I walked the red carpet and participated in some interviews. I even signed autographs for the first time! 

Do you hope to write your own original story for the small or big screen someday? What are you hoping for in the future of working in the entertainment industry?

I would like to direct a movie or TV series one day. I find it amazing to be able to create stories and make them come to life. I’m hoping to have a main role on a TV series in the future because when you are on set you become a family with everyone around you. This makes working fun because you get to be with people you enjoy every day!

Do you have a dream role or what kind of movie or TV you would want to be a part of?

My dream role would to be to play a part in an action movie. All of the stunts and fighting scenes look very exciting to film.

For our final question, if you could have any super power, which would it be and would you be a super hero or a super villain?

I would like to be a superhero because I enjoy making people happy by helping whenever I can. If I could have any super power it would be being able to fly. This would make traveling really easy and allow me to see different parts of the world.

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