INTERVIEW: Actor, Veronika Slowikowska, Stars in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ TV Series

Veronika Slowikoska began acting at a young age, trained in improv with Second City Conservatory, and has been seen in Degrassi: Next Class and See No Evil. You can soon watch her in What We Do in the Shadows is one of the most anticipated comedy-horror series which premieres March 27th on FX. Find out more below!

I have to say, I am excited to watch the What We Do In The Shadows television series! Tell us about your character Shanice, and what kind of role will she be playing along the vampire shenanigans.

Shanice is an insecure, sassy, LARPer (Live Action Roleplayer). She’s the nerd-ier side, but so am I! 

How fun is it to be a part of the show? Are people pretty much laughing most of the time on set? Any funny moments you can share with us so far?

It was the most fun. I was laughing most of the time or trying not to laugh! Any of the LARPing scenes were so fun to film. We would improvise lines in character while wearing these extravagant homemade LARPing outfits, that always made me laugh.

What can fans of the movie expect from the show? Do you think it captures the same spirit of silliness and humor we all loved from the film?

Jemaine and Taika were very much involved! So the fans are in safe hands. I think it for sure captures the tone and humor of the original but also adds new voices!

The documentary style give shows a unique spin. What has been your favorite part about working on this genre and this kind of show?

My favorite part is the breaking of the fourth wall. That your character knows they’re being filmed. Oh and the “Jim” looks, those are great.

Tell us about your comedy troupe, My Chemical Bromance! How did you get into improv and where can people see you perform next?

My sketch troupe My Chemical Bromance consists of me and my two (female) best friends. We play 3 teen drama nerds who perform songs and skits from every era. We pretend to talk in Brooklyn accents lots and mime smoking cigars. It’s high energy and silly, it’ll get you laughing and dancing! I got into improv and sketch about three years ago officially. I was accepted into Second City’s Conservatory program and haven’t stopped. My Chemical Bromance is performing at Toronto’s Sketch Festival March 8th and 16th at 11pm! I’m also a part of Bad Dog Theatre’s Featured Players Cast this year. We perform improv every Saturday at 7pm at the Bad Dog Theatre. 

What is the best part about doing improv? What kind of advice would you give other performers who want to get into it?

The best part about doing improv is laughing! Being present, listening, reacting and creating. Supporting others and inventing characters and worlds on the spot. If you want to get into improv, do it! Stop thinking and just do it! It’ll help you in your creative life but personal life. 

You also have a brand-new web series that is coming out called A Boy’s Memoir. What is it about and where can people watch it?

A Boy’s Memoir is the same characters that we play in My Chemical Bromance but we gave them a back story and different medium. The shows about 3 drama nerds who’s high school musical gets cancelled, so they take it upon themselves to write and perform their own mind blowing musical titled ‘A Boy’s Memoir’. It’s a quirky, low fi, heartwarming show that we’re really passionate about. You can find the trailer on Facebook and YouTube under A Boy’s Memoir

Now for the most important question: if you got to pick one super power, which would it be and why? Would you use it for good or evil?

If I could pick one superpower, it would be teleportation. It’s so cold in Toronto! I would teleport somewhere hot with palm trees and be home for dinner!

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Photo by Connory Ballantyne.

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