INTERVIEW: Renée Wynter and Her Vision Behind Her New Single, SPEAK

Renée Wynter is a powerhouse singer-songwriter and her brand new single, Speak, is now available on Spotify. She is also the founder of Wynterland, a fully integrated music production company which she founded with her family. Find more about her new song below!

Hello Reneé, congratulations on your new single, SPEAK. What was behind your vision for this new song and what compelled you to write it? 

Hello, thank you so much I appreciate it! The vision behind Speak was to get people to have a conversation when you’re having issues in a relationship. Instead on sending a subliminal message on social media, pick up the phone. It’s interesting how many people expect their partner to be a mind reader.

How do you hope people will respond when they hear SPEAK for the first time?

I hope they can relate to it and play it over and over again!

Can you tell us about your creative journey as a musician, what or who inspired you? What kind of music do you hope to produce in the future?

In the beginning of my career, I didn’t play instruments or write. As I gained more experience I realized how much more I wanted to say and I wanted to be a part of the creative process. I didn’t think I could write a song until I wrote a song. Just try, you’ll see and give it time. I’d like to produce some gospel music in the future.  It soothes my soul. It always lifts me up. 

You’ve had the chance to work with notable people within the music industry. What has been the most important part of this experience to you personally so far? What has been the most challenging?

The most important part of this experience has been meeting such great people along the way. It’s been such a blessing. The most challenging is dealing with a lot of fakes and phonies in this industry. They talk a lot but can’t back it up. So be cautious and really learn the business side of things. Invest in yourself and make your own opportunities. Pay attention, you owe it to yourself. This is your life. 

Tell us about your music production company, Wynterland. What kind of artists do you hope to help achieve their goals?

I want to work with any artist that believes in themselves and knows it’s going to be hard work but in the end it’ll be worth it.  It’s not always going to be fun but trust me, the tears are worth it.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to share with our readers?

Not right now, I really want to promote Speak.  I will be releasing more singles in the near future so people can get familiar with me. Stay updated on my website

Lastly, if you woke up one day with one super power, which would it be and why?

Hmmm, If  I woke up with a superpower it would be super speed because when I was younger I loved to run track. It was my life until I chose to stick to my singing. I love sports! The track schedule is a lot and it was hard to manage my time for both. Maybe if I had super speed powers I’d still be running. I could use it right now with all the things I’m doing. Super speed dinner, homework, meetings  and all that, pretty sweet.

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