Actor Romaine Waite joined the cast of Hallmark’s Movies & Mysteries film series Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder and Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver. Read below on what inspires Romaine and what he hopes to accomplish as an actor.

Hello, Romaine! Can you tell us a little about yourself? What inspired you to pursue a career in acting and what continues to motivate you?

I was born in Montego Bay Jamaica, and raised in Canada. I’m a simple guy, just trying to experience all the good that life has to offer. I enjoy motorcycles, traveling and one day I hope to open a small restaurant. 

It was my experience on an indie film, that really made me feel like acting was a career option. Prior to this my only experience with acting was in high school. What motivates me now, is knowing that I have yet to tell the stories I feel I’m supposed too. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I received so far, but I think I’ve barely scratched the surface. 

Who is your character, Winston Sams, in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film series, Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder and Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver? What are these movies about?

I join the series for the second and third installment as Detective Winston Sams. He’s a rookie detective, and eager to prove himself to his partner Logan O’Connor. In the script, my character is really sharp. He’s focused on finding inconsistent elements in each case and making them available to his partner for further investigation. The series is grounded and somewhat gritty, different from what you might expect from Hallmark. The films are about murder mystery, but this the back drop for the developing relationship between the characters played by Lacey and Brennan.

What was the best part about taking on a role in this film series? What is it like working alongside actors, Lacey Chabert and Brenan Elliott?

I was given the freedom to bring Winston to life in my own way, which involved understanding all the unique tactics forensic investigators use to solve crimes. Coming into a project that is already established can sometimes be difficult. However, in this case, I felt right at home. Most of my scenes are with Brennan, Lacey and John who made me feel very welcome. Having the opportunity to watch these individuals work has been very motivating. 

If you had to solve a mystery on your own and you  could recruit anyone (fictional characters are allowed!) to help you, who would it be and why?

Penny from Inspector Gadget, we all know she was the real hero. Plus we’d have a cool theme song.

 You have been a part of a lot of cool projects, including Shadowhunters, 12 Monkeys and Star Trek: Discovery– what has it been like going between different worlds as an actor?Are you excited at all the new opportunities for actors in the industry in terms of story-telling and bringing more and more fantastical worlds to life?

The real beauty of acting is being able to experience various worlds and circumstances. Having the opportunity to go from, a fantasy vampire underworld, to the far corners of the galaxy; isn’t something one would experience in real life. Even if they did, I don’t think we’d believe them. I’m very optimistic about the opportunities available for story-tellers. With all the different streaming platforms, we have the chance to reach so many people with new and interesting stories.

What would be your dream project or role in the future? What do you hope to communicate with your audience through acting?

To play Arthur Ashe would be an immeasurable honor. Just give me some time to improve my sliced back hand. The ultimate goal, is to have my craft expose truth and lead to honest conversation/healing. It doesn’t always have to be truths about our world or social issues. It can be personal too, things that we may have a hard time discussing. I just want people to be more honest with themselves and others. I think cinema is a great medium for audiences to learn something new about one another, and hopefully bring us closer together. I admire the work of artists like Ava Duvernay, who are always pushing audiences to new levels of truth.

Thank you so much for talking to Defective Geeks. Our last question: if you could have any super power, what would it be and will you be a superhero or a super villain?

Time Travel. Super Villain for sure.

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