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INTERVIEW: Comedian and LGBTQ+ Activist, Jordan Power, Talks About Podcast, SHAME ON YOU

Jordan Power launched his podcast, SHAME ON YOU, this year where him and his co-host explore the idea of shedding shame and living openly and honestly. Read more below about the show and Jordan’s other projects.

Hi Jordan, welcome to Defective Geeks! Tell us about yourself and where did the idea for your podcast, Shame On You, come from?

I’m a published writer, comedian and LGBTQ+ activist based in Toronto. I’m most known for being the co-host of Shame on You podcast. The podcast is an exercise in self exploration. We wanted to imagine a world in which we eliminated any residual shame we had about being gay. The best way to kill shame is to expose it through vulnerability. As such, we spoke in a no holds barred way on the podcast. It seems to be going pretty well. 

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Ep. 57 Masters of the Universe

You read that right, this week the hosts talk about the 1987 live action science fiction fantasy extravaganza “Masters of the Universe.” James and Giselle dive in and discuss how utterly 80s the setting is (so much Aqua Net), some behind the scenes factoids, and how the movie is pretty much The Skeletor Show. As it SHOULD be. Listen and check it out!