INTERVIEW: Comedian and LGBTQ+ Activist, Jordan Power, Talks About Podcast, SHAME ON YOU

Jordan Power launched his podcast, SHAME ON YOU, this year where him and his co-host explore the idea of shedding shame and living openly and honestly. Read more below about the show and Jordan’s other projects.

Hi Jordan, welcome to Defective Geeks! Tell us about yourself and where did the idea for your podcast, Shame On You, come from?

I’m a published writer, comedian and LGBTQ+ activist based in Toronto. I’m most known for being the co-host of Shame on You podcast. The podcast is an exercise in self exploration. We wanted to imagine a world in which we eliminated any residual shame we had about being gay. The best way to kill shame is to expose it through vulnerability. As such, we spoke in a no holds barred way on the podcast. It seems to be going pretty well. 

Did you and your co-host foresee going as deep and honest as you have in your episodes? How does it feel to share your experience and have your listeners resonate with you?

Yes, and no. We were both pretty open people already but talking about your sex life, drug use and interviewing your former lovers is a new level isn’t it? I try not to think of the fact that it is listened to in over 50 countries. I imagine it’s still day one in Brad’s apartment chatting it up. If I take a moment to think of the intense judgement it will throw me off my game. It feels good to be honest and have that resonate with people. The more honest you are as a person, the more blowback you’re going to get. We do get a lot of hate for that reason. But it feels best to be loved as your completely authentic self. No pretenses.

You guys have had such an amazing range of guests on your show, from celebrities to real life people from your lives. Which conversations stands out to you the most? What can you tell us about your upcoming guests?

I tend to enjoy the episodes that are the most comedic. My favorite episode is “Adrian The Stripper” because it is a good combination of comedic with heartfelt introspection. The episode starts with me crying about my Dad dying for over 10 minutes and then moves into an interview with a stripper I went on a date with. He is a sweetheart and my ideal guest in that he doesn’t hold back at all. Our upcoming guests will continue to have a very wide range. My mom will come on eventually. We also have two porn stars coming up, one who is heterosexual and does “gay for pay” porn. Our main focus is being entertaining which is synonymous with unforgettable.

What has been the biggest or more memorable lessons you’ve learned personally through all the conversations you’ve recorded?

To stop apologizing for my confidence. Because I’ve survived unimaginable trauma in my life, I feel largely unstoppable. Self-esteem comes from surmounting obstacles. I started the podcast with my confident self and then started to doubt myself halfway through because my confidence made others uncomfortable. I don’t do that anymore. How someone feels about me is largely a reflection of their past experiences. I like who I am for the most part and it has served me well.

How do you hope to inspire other people who are struggling with their own personal shame through the podcast?

From the feedback we’ve received, our podcast gets people talking. People have come out, exited terrible relationships or asked for more at work. If you bottle things up, they will eat you from the inside out. Because we are so open, it’s contagious. 

Tell us about your other work as a writer, comedian and activist. Do you have any other projects you’d like to share with our readers?

I finished my first novel, My Therapist Sent Me Nudes and I’m working on finding a publisher that believes in me and vice versa. I’m also recording a solo podcast called “The Therapy Diaries” that I will be releasing in 10 parts starting in January 2020. I’m also toying with selling mini-books which include previous essays I’ve writing, self-published on Amazon. It should help build buzz for my main novel.

For our final question, if you could pick a superpower, which would it be and will you use it for good or evil?

To be able to consume entire novels in minutes. I’ve placed a huge focus on acquiring knowledge in all forms lately and it is serving me well. I am more incisive and strategic. Knowledge really is power. Substitute podcasts for music and see how fast your life improves.

Listen and subscribe to Shame On You on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow the show on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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