INTERVIEW: Kate Drummond Talks Getting Into the Heart of a Villain in UTOPIA FALLS

Kate Drummond has been a part of shows such as Wynonna Earp (SYFY), Dark Matter (SYFY) and Heartland (CBC). Now she’s back on Defective Geeks to talk about her latest show, Utopia Falls. This time, Kate plays it tough as the antagonist in this unique take on a utopian/dystopian series. Read more below!

Hello Kate, welcome back to Defective Geeks! Congratulations on your new series, UTOPIA FALLS. What can you tell us about your character, Authority Phydra, and the role she plays in the series?

Thank you! I’m so excited to talk to you again! What a wild ride these past years have been!

Authority Phydra is the head of New Babyl’s police force and is the ultimate enforcer of the laws in the society. I’ve actually heard her compared to President Snow in Hunger Games, which I thought was pretty accurate. Her sole purpose as far as we know in Season 1, is to ensure that all citizens of New Babyl are behaving according to the pre-established laws and cultures, for the greater good of course! As the hero teens discover the Archive and in turn start expressing themselves in ways that are atypical of New Babyl citizens, Phydra becomes more and more determined to silence them, and thus, is the ultimate antagonist in the show. I will say though, that she is a very complicated and complex character who has a very mysterious past that has lead her to be who she is today. Maybe that will be revealed more in Season 2! 

Authority Phydra is so intimidating, but at the same time, there is something pretty bad-ass about her. What is it like playing a character who walks the line of being a villain, but she is also a woman who isn’t afraid of her own strengths?

It’s amazing. I love playing characters like this. It’s so liberating and yes, Phydra is super bad ass. When I play villains, it’s important that I always am defending the heart of my character and not judging them as “bad people”. I also have to go to my work never thinking that I am a villain, but rather I’m someone who is just really great at my job and super passionate about things. Villains weren’t born that way… something tragic and deeply hurtful happened in their lives to make them the way they are and I like playing with that when I prep my characters. Also what’s super fun is that there is always something I can personally relate to, even in the villains. In Phydra’s case, she’s fiercely passionate about what she believes in. I am this way in my life, so I love being able to dial up that quality, and bring an even greater level of truth to my work. I also am not afraid to stand in my power, and because of that, I feel like I’m way more free to play when bringing these characters to life.

What is your favorite part about this unique take of a dystopian world in UTOPIA FALLS? What do you think will make it stand out from other sci-fi shows?

I love that every person who is watching Utopia Falls, will see themselves represented on the screen. The show celebrates diversity, cultural and political differences, while incorporating art forms that universally connect us all: music and dance. It’s more than a sci-fi music and dance show, though. It’s a drama, a comedy, a showcase of talent… it’s a journey of human relationships and a statement on how our differences are what make us special. I think this is why Utopia Falls is different from other shows.

What is it like to see the cast sing and dance to music by Kendrick Lamar and Notorious B.I.G.?

GOOSE BUMPS. I grew up loving Notorious B.I.G. so when I heard the music incorporated into the show, I was so stoked. 

If you could see the cast of the show perform songs that you personally like, which ones would it be?

Oh my gosh, such a good question! I’d love to see them perform to a mash-up type compilation for sure. Something from Girl Talk maybe. A little DJ EZ Rock. Gotan Project – La Revancha del Tango and some Aretha Franklin. FOR SURE. RESPECT.  Hmm. I have so many songs that I’d love to see performed, we could be here until next year! 

You are also in the GHOSTWRITER reboot! Can you tell us about what it was like to be in the new show and the character you play?

I can’t say anything about this yet because the episodes haven’t been released but I can say that it’s a role unlike any I’ve ever played, visually, speaking! I crossed off some major bucket list items with that role!

With television shows now constantly stepping up their game in so many genres, are you excited about the different opportunities to play in different worlds? Do you have a dream role you’d love to play one day?

I do love playing in the different worlds. The landscape of television has made my playground so vast and imaginative. I’ve been on planes, in hospitals, in outer space, under water… it’s really fun! As for dream roles, I’m still really hoping to land a role in detective type show where I’m a lead detective or investigator. Something like the role Toni Collette played in Unbelievable on Netflix. I love those types of roles so much. Or a head doctor in a medical drama. My first career plan was to go into medicine, so I think this would give me a great chance to live out that dream! But, I also still have it on my vision board to be in a comedy. As much as I love playing the dramatic roles, I’m so super quirky and silly in my life! I’d love a role where I get to dial up that awkward, goofy side of myself.

If you wake up with a super power one day, which one would you want it to be and why?

I think Time Travel… so I could go back in time and prevent awful things from happening. Or the power to heal. I’d love to be able to put my hands on sick or wounded people or animals, or the damaged planet, and bring them back to their purest place.

Kate also supports causes close to her heart such as The Snoopi Project, Playa Animal Rescue, and many more. Find out more about her philanthropic work at her website at Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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