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Ep. 50 Catwoman!

It’s the fiftieth episode! Whoa! To commemorate this special occasion the hosts decided to talk about a movie that captures pinnacle of 21st century feminism and storytelling, a movie we can all look back on as a society and feel pride. We are obviously referring to 2004’s “Catwoman.” In this episode James and Giselle dive into this delightful little train wreck and discuss its oddly endearing charm, its downright absurdity, Sharon Stone, and how they wish there could be a hybrid of this Catwoman and Netflix’s “You.”

Ep. 49 Sabrina Returns!

It’s time to go back to the Chilling Adventures of our gal Sabrina and talk about the second season, or second part should we say, of the show! Yeah! In this episode James and Giselle discuss all things season two and touch down on story progression, character choices (some they agree with, some they don’t), representation, “fridging,” and most importantly the ascension of our favorite, Ms Lilith.

Ep. 48 Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Welcome back, everyone! This week the hosts discuss a horror movie neither of them had seen before *gasp*. That movie is the 1972 cult classic “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” directed by Bob Clark. Yes, the same Bob Clark that directed “A Christmas Story.” Crazy, right? In this episode James and Giselle break down the movie; Giselle admits that for the first thirty minutes she thought the protagonists were carnies (they’re theater actors), and James is fascinated by the hyper intelligent zombies that specialize in yachting.

Ep. 47 Carnival of Souls

Time to go back to another horror classic! Don’t worry, horror fans, you have not been forgotten ;) This week the hosts talk about the 1962 horror cult classic “Carnival of Souls.” James and Giselle discuss why they believe this movie has stood the test of time and become influential in the horror genre along with going through the movie and dissecting what it is about it that makes it just so damn good! Check it out!

Ep. 46 We <3 Cardigan Hulk

Professor Cardigan Hulk. I love you 3000. Patriotic posteriors. You guessed it, this week the hosts talk about the cinematic pop culture event of the decade, Avengers: Endgame! Yeah!! In this episode James and Giselle marvel (hardee har har) over the path that led up to this very movie, its saga and potential legacy, and they dive into the movie as they discuss the things they loved, the things they thought needed some improvement, and just reveling in the sheer epic-osity of it all.

Ep. 45 Goose, The Movie

This week the hosts talk about the one, the only, Captain Marvel! Yeah! James and Giselle go over the movie, how successfully it ties in as a prequel to the MCU, give a little history on the character Carol Danvers, and discuss how the movie worked with the 1990s setting and early versions of characters (P.S. they kind of love 90s Nick Fury). Oh, by the way the movie is actually about a flerken named Goose.

Ep. 44 The Bad Seed

This week the hosts revisit a movie from their childhood to see whether or not it held up. This movie is the 1956 classic “The Bad Seed.” Who else remembers or has seen this movie?! Anyway, James and Giselle discuss the different elements of the movie as far as which aspects have aged well and which ones are unfortunately rather dated.

Ep. 43 It’s the Karen (and Aquaman) Show!

It was only a matter of time before the hosts talked about DC’s latest… Aquaman! Buckle up because this week James and Giselle disagree on almost everything concerning this flick, but you know what they did agree on? The unsung hero of the movie, the true and obvious victor of this adventure; Karen! Oh, by the way Karen is the name they gave to the creature Karathen because they couldn’t remember the name. Also there are a lot of *amazing* nautical puns in this episode, so you’re welcome in advance.