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Sandra Bullock Lesson #10

Here it is, the film that started it all. Miss Congeniality.

 photo misscong.jpg

There are so many lessons to be learned here, guys, that we’re going to need gifs to cover everything. If you don’t feel enlightened after watching this film, well…

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Sandra Bullock Lesson #9

More time traveling with Sandra! This week we visit The Lake House.

 photo Poster-lakehouse.jpg

To quote IMDB summary, “A lonely doctor who once occupied an unusual lakeside home begins exchanging love letters with its former resident, a frustrated architect. They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it’s too late.” Except they don’t unravel the mystery, being the mystery is TIME TRAVEL and no one seems interested in that.

1) Time travel breaks my head
2) If you’re postbox turns into a tiny TARDIS, you won’t even think twice about it
3) Look both ways before crossing the street.

I’m going to discuss spoilers, so you’ve been warned!

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Sandra Bullock Lesson #8

This week we travel to rehab and talk about our feelings in 28 Days.

 photo 28Days.jpg

Gwen is a party girl and the start of the film follows her ruining her sisters wedding, quite spectacularly, and crashing a limo into a house. The judge gives her the choice of 28 days of rehab or jail time, so Gwen heads to rehab, where the fun begins!

1) Soap operas help you get through rehab
2) Lifting up a horse’s leg is symbolic of becoming a better person
3) Alan Tudyk should be in every film.

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Sandra Bullock Lesson #7

This week we learn lessons from Hope Floats, or “How not to end a marriage”.

 photo 5e364969-2f1d-4a93-8afd-53384c1525c8.jpg

Birdee (almost as good as when Sandra was ‘Sidalee’) goes on a talk show, expecting a free make-over. But, in reality, her best friend reveals that she’s been having an affair with Birdee’s husband. Yay for talk shows! The rest of the film follows Birdee around as she tries to come to grips with her marriage ending and starting life over back in her home town with her daughter.

What did I learn?

1) Taxidermy is disturbing
2) Making Mae Whitman cry is a dickhead thing to do
3) Being talented and having no ambition is only ok in the South.

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Sandra Bullock Lesson #6

Manic Pixie Dreams with 90s fashion. Ooooh Yeah! Let’s learn from Forces of Nature.

 photo ForcesOfNaturePoster.jpg

Planes, Trains and Automobiles but with Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock. I must admit, I had negative views of this film going in. I HATE “Leave them at the altar chick flicks”.

This film pleasantly surprised me. There are spoilers, as the ending must be discussed to redeem this film.

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Sandra Bullock Lesson #5

We follow Sandra into WWI to learn lessons on life, love, and cleaning fish.


Based on Hemingway’s In Love and War, this follows Ernest Hemingway (Chris O’Donnell) during WWI in Italy. He forces his way to the front lines, only to get blown up and shot shortly afterward. He is sent to a nearby hospital, where he meets Agnes (Sandra Bullock). She nurses him back to health and they fall in love.

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47 Ronin is a fantastical retelling of history, based on the legend of a group of samurai who avenged their master’s ¬†honor. The movie combines the legend of the actual 47 Ronin, a little re-writing and a dash of Japanese mythology. Overall, I found that it was a fun ride and a very pretty movie to watch — the backdrop and costumes for this film was gorgeous.

Yes, 47 Ronin has gotten blasted by critics, but for me, there is something to be said for this movie even existing at all in Hollywood.

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