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The Marvel Experience


On Valentine’s Day, I made my way to the Marvel Experience while it was at Del Mar, California. This comic book geek playground consists of 7 domes, the largest one hosting several character inspired “training” stations. Most of it were video game stimulators, like learning how to fly like Iron Man or smashing robots as the Incredible Hulk. There are two stations that were more physical — the Spider-Man wall climber and the Black Widow agility test.

More photos below.

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Ep. 33 This Episode is in 3D

Gizzy, Fortune Cookie and the Space Pirate Queen discusses the re-release of Disney animated films as 3D movies in theatres. They ponder the future of 3D technology, especially 3D television and watching TV sitcoms in three dimensions. Then SPQ threatens to beat Fortune Cookie with a baseball bat. It’s friendship, you guys! Fanfic Theatre is a little Darth Maul lovin’ and the power of hugs.