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INTERVIEW: Megan Hutchings Stars in BET’s ‘In Contempt’ and Finding Confidence in Herself

Megan Hutchings plays the daring and seductive lawyer in the show, In Contempt. Megan began her journey into acting at age 18 and have already landed roles in shows such as Beauty and the Beast (The CW), The Smart Woman’s Survival Guide (W Network), Reign (The CW) and The Good Witch (Hallmark Channel). Find out more about her career in the interview below!

Tell us about your upcoming show, In Contempt, and your character, Tracy Campbell. What do you love best about Tracy?

In Contempt is a really entertaining show filled with all the drama of love, relationships, broken friendships, rivalries, etc. that audiences crave but it also focuses on some real, complicated issues that our world is dealing with today. As public defenders we’re dealing with people who are often suppressed because of the colour of their skin, poverty, mental illnesses and other issues.

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INTERVIEW: Annie Chen on Dancing, Acting and Playing Frenchy in Grease, The Musical on Stage

Talented and hardworking, Annie Chen was born and raised in Taiwan and found her passion for the performing arts at a very young age. Annie trained at the prestigious School of Toronto Dance Theatre and started her career with a bang— she danced with Lady Gaga on stage at the 2011 Much Music Video Awards and Korean pop star, PSY at the 2013 Much Music Video Awards. Despite her success in dance, Annie is also currently pursuing a growing acting career. Read our interview with her to find out more about her journey.

Hi Annie, thanks for speaking with us! You have had an interesting creative journey, can you tell us more about how you got into acting?

I had always wanted to be an actor as a kid but didn’t think it was something that I could do for a living because I didn’t see many representations of myself on screen. Two years into my career as a professional dancer I decided to go for it and paid for my first acting class. It was exhilarating, and from there on I have been pursuing it professionally and of course, always updating and training. It was not an easy transition especially coming from a strong dance background. I was put in a box and not taken seriously as an actor. On top of all that I was also a female ethnic actor and would often audition for roles that required an accent or spoke mandarin. However, the industry is slowly evolving. There are more female directors, writers, and the lack of diversity on screen is being acknowledged.

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INTERVIEW: Eileen Li on 21 Thunder, Challenges as an Actor and Her Favorite Sailor Scout

Eileen Li is currently kicking butt in the industry and has appeared in television shows like Orphan Black and Degrassi: The Next Generation. She will be joining the cast of CBC’s 21 Thunder as Lara Yun and will guest star in the second season of Freeform’s Shadowhunters. We spoke to her about pursuing what you are passionate about and the challenges of being an Asian actress.

When did you know you wanted to become an actress and what was your biggest inspiration? What has been your biggest challenge as an actress?

The first time I seriously considered becoming an actor was when I was in the ninth grade and took my first drama class. I had been in school plays prior to that, but that was the first time I had really studied acting, and I was hooked.

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INTERVIEW: Jean-Michel Le Gal

J-016 - CopyMax and Shred, a show about two boys. One is superstar snowboard and one is the neurotic superstar academic. An unlikely friendship? Always! But today, we spoke with the other important man on the show — Jean Michael Le Gal, who plays the household patriarch who wants to be young again. Read the interview below and don’t forget to catch Max and Shred on Nickelodeon or if you’re our pals in Canada, on YTV!

Tell us about Max and Shred and your character, Lloyd Ackerman. What makes Lloyd the coolest character on the show?

Well I don’t know about ‘coolest’, but what is cool about Lloyd is that he’s always eager to try anything. Like that friend who will always do a dare. Also, he’s a grown up kid, which is secretly what most adults want to be.

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Ep. 154 Jasmin and Wesley


Wesley Marshall and Jasmin Turner Evans joins us for our first guest podcast in 2014! Wesley and Jasmin are both voice actors in the making and they are currently taking classes to pursue a career in voice acting in animation. They talk about the VA community today and what it takes to step into the industry. Also, silly voices included.

INTERVIEW: Katherine Castro, a Spirited Actress

I want to say how amazing it was to talk to such an amazing, ambitious and spirited woman. Katherine Castro a beautiful actress, native to the Dominican Republic chat’s with me about her journey to the states, realizing her dreams as a multiple talented artist, and her upcoming film, Pulse of Indigo. The Pulse of Indigo premiere this Friday, July 20th in Los Angeles and will be released internationally in the Dominican Republic on August 1st at Carribean Cinemas, Fine Arts Novo-Centro in Santo Domingo. In the mean time hear what Katherine has to say about being an actress and her upcoming movie.

— — —

How long have you’ve been an actor and how did you get your start as an actor?

KATHERINE CASTRO: I’m from the Dominican Republic and I got my start as a kid there. Like all kids, I started making shows for my parents at their house parties. I did little one-woman shows, played the piano, and did some monologues. I was always creating and it just became a natural transition for me into school plays in the Dominican Republic. I lived in the United States for awhile. When I lived here in the States I got involved in dancing, ballet, jazz, and gymnastics.  That was some of my first times being on stage in front of a live audience. Then I went back to the Dominican Republic, we were in the states because my Dad was in the military and he was working at the Dominican Embassy in Washington D.C. When his time was up we went back  and I knew then that dancing and acting was something that I wanted to continue to explore. I was the happiest when I was doing that.

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